CISCO Little Big Awards 2016-2017

February 6th, 2017 | Posted by jkeating in Front Page News | School News

The Little BIG Awards are about closing the engineering and digital skills gaps within the United Kingdom as the country looks to attract more engineering and digital talent, to ensure the UK maintains its competitive edge and continues to foster innovation, which ultimately drives economic growth.

We use the internet every day: on our computers, on tables and mobile phones. But even today less than 1% of all things are connected to the internet.

So six of our students in Stretford High School had a go at ‘connecting the unconnected’ by participating in CISCO little big awards 2016-17 and constructed a smart table. Students were judged on creativity, Business case, planning, process and documentation, technical research, final pitch and presentation.  Students worked endlessly for months to create a functional smart table at the end under the supervision of Mrs Latif. Stretford

High School students won the prize for the best Business plan and will be taking their product further.

The Little BIG Awards is a rewarding and exciting way for students to improve their business and life skills, while also being a fun way to cover some academic topics that will help them towards formal qualifications. We wish to take more of our students in the years to come.



Mrs latif

Science teacher/ KS4 progress lead

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