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Progress 8 & Attainment 8 Guide.

2016 Results
What a wonderful morning it has been celebrating success with the class of 2016. They smashed it! 54% of our pupils achieved a good GCSE (C or above) in both English and Maths – that’s 16% improvement on last year!

There have been lots of massive improvements – 52% of pupils achieved 5A*-C including English and Maths – a huge improvement on last year.

Even more pleasing is the number of A* and A grades – in fact the top three pupils in the school got 26 A*/A grades between them!

We are so proud of every pupil, parent and staff who have pulled together to achieve these brilliant results.

It really does prove that a little bit of hard work and determination really does make a difference!

I wish the Class of 2016 happiness, health and success in future endeavours – don’t forget us because we will always remember you. Once a Stretfordian, always a Stretfordian!

GCSE Headlines for 2016:

The DfE have introduced new methods for schools to measure their pupils’ outcomes. These are:

  • The Basics % – This is the number of pupils who achieved a grade C or above in both English & Maths.
  • Attainment 8 – This is the average score for all pupils’ results. This can be compared against the Estimated Attainment 8 score which is basically the expected average score pupils should get.
  • Progress 8 – This shows if pupils’ results are better or worse than expected. Progress 8 figures are provisional at this point as all schools must wait for the official calculation which should be released in October. Figures below are based on previous year’s model.
  • A figure below 0 means pupil outcomes are below expected.
  • A figure above 0 means pupil outcomes are above expected.
  • % Entered for and passing Ebacc. This means the % of pupils who have been entered for and % pupils who have achieved a grade C + in English, Maths, Science, a humanities subject and a language.

Below you will find a table showing how we have performed as a school using these new measures against the previous 3 years

Basics %49%47.1%37%54%
Attainment 841.645.542.246.72
Progress 8-0.27-0.37-0.54-0.27
% Entered for EBacc12.9% (19 pupils)17.42% (27 pupils)8.9% (14 pupils)
17% (27 Pupils)
% Achieving EBacc8.16% (12 pupils9.03% (14 pupils)3.8% (6 pupils)9.5% (15 pupils)

NEET Figures – Destinations summary 2013 – 2015

In Learning95.1%
95.4%95% (97.6%*)95.06%
Moved Away2.8%1.3%2.6%1.23%
Not Sustained (after 6 months)12%---

* We have had confirmation that the 4 students “moved away” are in education hence the second figure of 97.6% for “in learning”.

As you can see, the school has improved in each measure and we look forward to continuing this trend into the future!

Provisional 2015 Results

  • 35% achieving 5 + A*-C GCSE (or equiv) including English and Maths
  • 13% achieving the English Baccalaureate
  • 57% of students making expected performance in English
  • 38% of students making expected performance in Maths

Please note, these results will remain provisional until the government publishes full results in January 2016

2014 Results

  • 46% achieving 5 + A*-C GCSE (or equiv) including English and Maths
  • 10% achieving the English Baccalaureate
  • 74% of students making expected performance in English
  • 49% of students making expected performance in Maths