What does ASPIRE mean!?

ASPIRE – Achieve Academically, enjoy Success, be Professional in attitude, grow in Integrity & Respect and recognise that hard work and Endeavour are keys to achieving our goals.’

  • No more ‘gifted and talented’- that doesn’t exist
  • Each and everyone of you in this room has a Gift or ability in a range of subjects
  • This is about recognising your potential and you aspiring to achieve your best
  • It’s about trying hard in a subject and being awarded
  • It’s about good learning behaviour

How and why?

  • Students that Aspire will receive a badge-subject recognition
  • Teachers and staff can see who you are (if they didn’t already know)
  • You can ask for more challenging work- complete Aspire tasks
  • Strive to do more and be motivated
  • Opportunities, rewards and trips for Aspire students

How do I become an Aspire Student?

  • Set goals for yourself, striving for self-improvement and excellence in your life
  • To ensure you are getting the most out of every single lesson in the classroom
  • Make sure you are working hard
  • Do Aspire Tasks in class
  • To make sure you see career opportunities you want to achieve are possible
  • To give you the chance to achieve your best
  • You have freedom to learn at your pace but you push yourself