Everything Else Key Stage 4

Students in Year 10 teaching groups complete the “Financial Education” GCSE course and qualification.

In Year 11 they focus more on the transition into College life and the skills required when they enter society as adults.

Year 10 Curriculum OverviewThemesUnit content
Term 1Unit 2 of “Financial Education” GCSE coursePractices of Managing Money. This unit is made up of 11 topics.
1. Financial planning and money management.
2. Different plans for different people.
3. Planning for now and the future.
4. Budgeting.
5. What can affect a budget? 6. Personal budgets and spending choices.
Term 2Unit 2 of “Financial Education” GCSE course (continued)Practices of Managing Money. This unit is made up of 11 topics (continued)
7. Using tools to manage money.
8. Pay and tax.
9. The real cost of spending. 10. Borrowing products.
11. The implications of borrowing.
Unit 2 Exam.
Term 3Unit 3 of “Financial Education” GCSE courseFinancial Capability, Work and Enterprise. This unit is made up of 7 topics.
1. Introduction.
2. Enterprise and entrepreneurs.
3. Business banking and budgeting.
4. How fraud, theft and taxation affect business.
5. People and business.
6. How businesses affect society.
7. How peoples’ economic choices affect society.
Unit 3 exam.
Year 11 Curriculum OverviewThemesUnit content
Term 1First Aid courseCourse to cover the following topics:
What is the point of First Aid?
AED machines
Recovery position
Term 2Life at 25What will you need to consider over the next 10 years?
Term 3CollegeHow will this be different?
Work/life balance
Part time jobs