Careers Advice

The term CEIAG (Careers, Education, Information, Advice & Guidance) is commonly
used to describe careers related support which basically includes any information
regarding college, university, apprenticeships, work experience or general careers

This support is crucial for Year 11 students when deciding on college opportunities. It
is highly recommended that parents accompany students on college/6th form open
day visits to show support. It is also recommended that students go on several visits
in order to compare and make well informed decisions – choosing the right college is
a big decision so needs to be well researched and given much thought.

It is becoming more important for Year 10 students to start thinking about which
college they would like to attend, it would be very useful to attend college open days
this year also in order to help make this important decision next year.

Work Experience is another valuable program that we encourage all students to
participate in during Year 10. This gives students the opportunity to experience the
“world of work” and the whole process from searching, applying and fulfilling the
placement is a great learning curve and confidence boost for students when applying
for future employment opportunities.

Mr Vourliotis, the school careers adviser offers impartial advice and guidance via 1 to
1 appointments for students to discuss any college/careers related issues in
confidence. In addition, students can pop in to see Mr Vourliotis during break, lunch
and after school each day with any brief enquiries.

Although priority is given to Year 11 & 10, students in any Year can make an
appointment at any time with Mr Vourliotis to discuss their future options.

Useful Links

This is a great online resource to explore any career you can think of. It has a useful
tool where you are asked several questions and it “matches” your characteristics to
recommended careers/jobs. It is useful just to browse the thousands of career types
available, simply type in a key word and all related career possibilities are shown.
Information such as job description, required qualifications and average salary, as
well as useful related links will be displayed.

UCAS Progress
This is the platform where students will apply online for traditional college and
apprenticeship courses in Year 11. Here you will find extensive information on
specific colleges, providers and course content. Lots of useful tips, guides and
information such as how to write a good personal statement.

The Russell Group
Advice on the best subject choices for a wide range of university courses as well as
advice if you are unsure of what to study after school and need to keep your options

The national site with useful information about apprenticeships and traineeships and
how to apply, including current vacancies.

Trafford Connexions provide support to students during school and when they have
left on a variety of issues such as benefits, housing, health, money, training and