Statement of Principles

School Mission Statement

‘Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow’

The Behaviour Policy at Stretford High School is a statement of good practice which allows all students to learn and all teachers to teach. It covers all aspects of the school that contribute to a positive learning environment and school ethos. All members of the school are expected to help maintain an environment conducive to learning of which the fundamental tenets are mutual respect, courtesy and tolerance.


  • To support effective teaching and learning
  • To protect and support the wellbeing of staff and students.
  • To contribute to mutual respect and trust
  • To maintain an orderly environment both within the school and the surrounding community
  • To gain and maintain the active support of teachers, support staff and parents/carers
  • To promote Student Voice in regard to Behaviour for Learning expectations and rewards
  • To promote the core values of the school: Family, Drive, Respect, Creativity, Independence and Success.

The responsibility for the implementation of this policy and provision rests with the Headteacher. On an operational basis, the management, responsibility and evaluation of this policy will be undertaken by the KS3 and KS4 Assistant Headteachers.