Head of English: Miss S Eggleton
Deputy Head of English: Miss P Howarth

Teachers of English:

  • Mr C Hirst (Teacher of English and Head of Everything Else)
  • Miss R Ugradar (Teacher of English)
  • Miss Ruzia Mahmud (Teacher of English and Whole School Literacy Coordinator)
  • Miss N Ali (Teacher of English)
  • Miss K Robinson (Teacher of English)
  • Mrs L Hollingsworth (Teacher of English and Intervention Tutor)
  • Mrs R Manuel (Librarian)



In English, students engage with the ‘best that has been thought and known.’ Our vision is that our students become the 21st century citizens we need to meet the changes and challenges that society will encounter over the coming generations. Underpinning this principle are the core, unchanging, unquestionable values of curiosity, cooperation and literacy.

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