Head of Humanities: Mr F Ahmed

Deputy Head of Humanities: Ms M Munshi

Teachers of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • Mrs. L Smith
  • Miss. J Murray
  • Mr. A Cooke
  • Mr. A Kycryz
  • Miss. M Shahid

The vision of the Humanities and Social Sciences team has been agreed together. We will:

  • Provide exciting Humanities and Social Sciences lessons that engage and interest students
  • Offer learning in a variety of ways
  • Use hands on practical activities wherever appropriate
  • Provide a wide choice in Key Stage four options
  • Ensure students will know how to make progress in their learning
  • Make clear the purpose of their learning
  • Develop skills required by employers in the future



“When you study great teachers… you will learn much more from their caring and hard work than from their style.” 

― William Glasser

Our Aims:

  •  All students will have an opportunity to benefit from modern resources and varied teaching strategies to meet a variety of needs and abilities.
  •  All students will be given the opportunity to learn and achieve – no child left behind.
  •  Independent learning and initiative will be actively encouraged in promoting high standards.
  •  Students’ efforts will be rewarded and their extra curricular interests encouraged.
  •  Those who teach/assist within the Department will set high expectations of student behaviour and standard of work.
  •  Wherever possible, teachers will encourage spiritual, moral, social and cultural development, through the Humanities curriculum or by other means.
  •  Wherever possible, teachers will nurture an understanding of Internationalism in the context of local, national and international themes, through the Humanities curriculum or by other means.
  •  All students will develop critical life skills to prepare for further academic study and/or employment.


Humanities is KS3

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