GCSE Psychology

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The AQA GCSE Psychology course offers learners a unique platform upon which they can gain knowledge of psychological theories and key theorists via a sound understanding of the methods and approaches in psychology at an introductory level. Pupils study methods and approaches through various topic areas representing the core areas of social, cognitive, developmental, biological and individual differences. Pupils gain an appreciation for investigations and report writing skills develop analytical and critical thinking skills which encourage an appreciation of ‘how science works’ providing a strong basis for progression to A-level Psychology.


Linear assessment takes places the end of Year 11 and comprises of two written papers; Unit 1: Making Sense of Other People (80 marks -50%) and Unit 2: Understanding Other People (80 marks – 50%).


Subject Content

Students are assessed using three key criteria: recall, application and evaluation of key psychological principles. In Year 9 & 10; students explore how the memory works, non-verbal communication and the power of paralinguistics, personality disorders including an examination of serial killers, why people are prejudice and finally how to carry out effective research.


In Year 11 students investigate the way in which sex and gender are defined, how we interact with one another in society, different learning styles and social conditioning, why people are aggressive and how to reduce it, why you like one person and not another and how to overcome the fear of spiders.



 Qualification Routes

The GCSE Psychology course takes you to that most fascinating of places – the human mind. The study of psychology, of the ways we think and feel, can give you an insight into behaviour and help you develop skills that will be useful in fields as diverse as personnel management, communications, health care and education. An excellent entry point and foundation course for A-level Psychology. A nationally accredited course which is recognised for Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Nursing, social care and many other career options.


Reading List

  • Teaching Psychology 14 -19 by Matt Jarvis.
  • Introducing GCSE Psychology by G.C Davenport.
  • AQA GCSE Psychology by Boswell, Harris, Helwell and Stanley.
  • Simply Psychology (2nd Ed) by Micheal W Eysenc.
  • Beginning Psychology by Malcolm Hardy and Steve Heyes.
  • Psychology First by Barbara Woods.
  • Psychology A complete GCSE Course by Geoffrey Shoesmith.



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