Modern Foreign Languages

Head of MFL: Miss K Fletcher
Deputy Head of MFL: Mrs D Avison

Teachers of MFL:

  • Mrs C Reynolds
  • Miss E Bolton
  • Dr Mahmood
  • Mr Neal
  • Learning Support Assistant: Mr Z Miya


The Department of Modern Languages offers students of all abilities a wide range of opportunities. We aim to offer all pupils the opportunity to study foreign languages as an enjoyable experience and a worthwhile challenge and to have some experience of learning at least another two languages. The modern foreign languages department offers insights into languages, people and cultures other than their own to help pupils gain a more international outlook which is particularly important in a multi-racial society.

There are opportunities for pupils to communicate with native speakers of other languages, in school and abroad, orally and written throughout the school year. We provide opportunities for pupils to achieve their full potential in language learning and to develop the following specific linguistic skills:

  •   understanding of the spoken language at a level appropriate to the pupil’s ability and experience
  •   easily comprehensible oral expression with correct pronunciation
  •   ability to read the written language with understanding
  •  ability to write comprehensibly on subjects within their linguistic experience.

Key Stage 3

In Year 7 students study either Spanish or French.

In year 8 students will carry on with French or Spanish and set 1 will be given the opportunity to study Mandarin.

In Key Stage 3 (Years 7-8) students learn vocabulary and structures for different topics. They use these in the four skill areas of listening, speaking, reading and writing. They begin to recognise language patterns and to identify keywords and phrases. They also begin to build up information into sentences and paragraphs. They learn to use bilingual dictionaries.

In Year 8 some students complete an Entry Level Certificate in either Spanish or French to enable every student at SHS to gain a language qualification. Students are continuously assessed throughout the year in order to evaluate their progress. The grouping of all students is regularly reviewed by teachers to ensure continued progress.

Key Stage 3 details

Key Stage 4

(Click here for details on Urdu)
(Click here for details on French)
(Click here for details on Spanish )

In Key Stage 4 begins in year 9 at Stretford High School. In Key Stage 4 (year 9, 10 & 11) students can study GCSE Spanish / French, Urdu or Mandarin. If students are native speakers of any  language they can also complete a GCSE in that language with the help of the MFL team outside normal school hours.

Key Stage 4 details



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