BTEC Level 2 BTEC Sport ​

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BTEC Level 2 in Sport has recently changed for the better as it contains a wealth of sessions to deliver practical activities, realistic scenarios and independent learning, helping the student bring the content of the units to life.
The following units are what the students cover over their 2 year study:
  • Unit 1: Fitness For Sport and Exercise
    This is a core unit and its content underpins the other BTEC sports unit. The students will look at the components of fitness and skill related fitness and principles of training. We also look at how various training methods can be used to develop the different components of fitness. 
  • Unit 2: Practical Sports Performance 
    In this unit we develop the students  practical sports performance through taking part in activities and reviewing their performance and the performance of others through games, video analysis and self reflection.
  • Unit 5: Training for Personal Fitness
    This unit focuses on personal fitness training on an individual level. We design a personal fitness training programme allowing them to follow this programme through reflecting and improving their own performance to reach their goal.
  • Unit 6: Leading Sports Activities
    The final unit we look at Sports Leadership, covering the basics then asking the student to plan and deliver a sports session and evaluate their own leadership.

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