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Course split
Each student is assessed on their practical ability and on their theoretical knowledge. Each aspect of the course carries a slightly different weighting. Overall, practical performance accounts for 60% of the grade and theory knowledge accounts for 40% of the grade.

Practical (60%)

This is made up of the best four sports accompanied by an exercise program and analysis of performance. Each sport is graded out of 10, while the exercise program and analysis of performance are combined and then halved for a score out of 10. Overall, this means that each student will have a practical grade out of 50 to put towards their final grade.
  • Hockey – 8/10
  • Football – 9/10
  • Fitness – 10/10
  • Orienteering 7/10
  • Exercise program – 4/4
  • Analysis of performance – 14/16

he above student achieved 34 out of 40 for their four practical sports. Then you would combine the exercise program score and the analysis of performance score, which equates to 18 in this example. The score 18 is then halved to 9 and added on to the overall sports of 34. This leaves the above student with 43 practical marks out of 50! If that makes sense…

Theory 40%

The theory aspect of the course is broken down in to 10 units ranging from diet and nutrition to anatomy. All units are assessed via a final exam that consists of questions from all units. Questions range from 1 to 6 marks. 6 mark answers normally require students to link different topics and apply their knowledge to case studies.


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