Teachers of Art

  • Miss L Shelmerdine (Teacher of Art and Head of PEXA)
  • Mrs B Ramos
  • Mrs R Kidd
  • Learning Support Assistant: Miss N Ellis

Rio Art PicSubject Summary

In Years 7 and 8 students are given the opportunity to experience a wide range of art materials and techniques enabling them to explore and develop their skills in art. They are introduced to the work of many artists and designers and have the opportunity to visit art  galleries, museums etc. Students are encouraged to analyse their own and others’ work and that of other artists.

In Year 9, 10 and 11 students have the opportunity to work in their chosen specialism i.e. Art and Design, Textile Design or Photography. In addition to developing and improving their art skills students learn how to use a wide range of specialist techniques. They complete at least two units of work which are worth 60% of their final mark. The remaining 40% of their grade is from the externally set task, which students begin work on in February/March of Year 11. The externally set task is set by the exam board (AQA) who provide students with a series of ‘starting points’ which students then develop into their final piece of work which they produce under exam conditions. In all units of work and the externally set task students research and analyse the work of a variety of artists, designers and cultures both historical and contemporary. Students are encouraged to analyse their own work and develop links between their work and that of other artists and designers. Students experiment with many techniques and materials, producing sample pieces and carefully planning and producing a final piece of work. Students also have the opportunity to visit art galleries, museums and exhibitions.

At GCSE students are able to select from three art based options:

Many of our students go on to further study at AS/A2 level.