Teacher of Drama

  • Miss L Murton
  • Miss H Crabtree


In Year 7 students are introduced to Drama through role play and games.

They explore a character’s physicality and learn to respond to external stimulus. They extend

their experience of using drama techniques by exploring still image, role play and rehearsal

techniques. They look at responding, exploring and developing different stimuli as starting

points for drama learning to use scripts, improvisation and performance, as well as exploring

the use of film as a stimulus for performance.

In Year 8 students have the opportunity to use a wide range of drama techniques including

still image, thought tracking, role play and hot seating. Students learn how to use movement

and voice to create characters, and to use drama as a way of exploring their feelings about

themes, topics and issues in the world.

In Year 9, 10 and 11, GCSE Drama students work in line with EDEXCEL GCSE Drama

specifications. They are required to produce three separate units of work, two of which are

internally assessed and

one externally. Over the two years of the course they will cover several topics/themes/issues.

Students investigate the dramatic potential of a stimulus and then use explorative strategies to

develop them. They will then use the medium and elements of drama to develop work

further. Students have the opportunity to take part in Drama workshops and theatre visits. An

emphasis throughout the course is on verbal and written evaluation of performance and work

in progress. The final examination is performance based.

All students across all year groups have the opportunity to take part in the annual school


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