Tell us we need to act

You may feel that we need to address a situation on your behalf which is currently affecting your child or you may feel that there is an aspect of the school that we can work to improve on.  
Please speak with us if this is the case.
We always try our best to address issues that arise and always want to find ways improve our school. If you do have feedback to give us, it would make our day if you could let us know by calling 0161 876 1850. All staff are available on this number. If you cannot get hold of them straight away they may be teaching, so please do leave a message. We always try to respond before the day is out or at least before 24 hours is up.
You can also register any concern you may have about your child using by calling your child’s learning tutor using the number above or by emailing your child’s Head of Year.
  • Year 7
  • Year 8
  • Year 9
  • Year 10
  • Year 11
If you have feedback about the school please contact Nicola Doward, the Headteacher
If you have tried to resolve an issue by using the channels above and still do not feel the issue has been addressed, please do not hesitate to write to;
Mrs N Doward,
Stretford High School,
Greatstone Road,
M32 0XA