Year 11 (15/16 ONLY) English Curriculum Overview

Please note, this curriculum is only relevant to those students in Year 11 this year (2015/16). After this year, all Year 11’s will be studying the curriculum here.

We deliver the Cambridge Certificate in Language and Edexcel Certificate in Literature.

English Language Certificate

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This course comprises the following:

  • 20% Speaking and Listening Examination– students are required to discuss a topic which they are passionate about for a minimum of 5 minutes. This is then followed by a question and answer session. Students are marked on their use of English, their use of engaging vocabulary and their ability to interest an audience.
  • 40% External Examination – this 2 hour examination tests students’ ability to read and write for a specific audience. They read two pieces of non-fiction and must be able to analyse the language in the text and why this language has been selected. They are also required to summarise information, translating sections of text into their own words. Students must write in a way that is clear, accurate and lively enough to sustain the reader’s interest.
  • 40% Coursework – for their coursework, students are required to complete three pieces of writing, with various purposes and audiences. It is important to note that all students are marked on their basic use of Standard English. They are asked to spell correctly, use advanced punctuation and also use engaging and emotive vocabulary in their writing.

English Literature Certificate

The course compromises of two compulsory exams:

  •  Paper one: Drama and Prose
  • Paper Two: Poetry Anthology and Unseen Poetry

Students study a range of pre 1914 and 20th century poetry, alongside John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men and JB Priestley’s An Inspector Calls.

For further information about this qualification, please visit the Examination Board’s website here


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