Year 7 English Curriculum Overview

In year 7, we follow a thematically linked curriculum, ensuring that essential reading and writing skills are acquired, practised and deepened.

Our first term is entitled ‘Identity and Culture.’ During this term, we explore Autobiographical and Biographical writing, followed by Contemporary Poetry from a range of poets, including Carol AnnDuffy and Benjamin Zephaniah.

In our second term, we explore the concepts of ‘Power and Influence’ through the study of many great speeches from history, analysing the use of rhetorical devices and applying our new knowledge to our own writing. This is followed by a study of various poets from the time of the First World War, such as Brooke and Sassoon, where we explore how conflict is presented and how this relates to contemporary life. We then progress through time to Modernism and T.S. Eliot.

Finally, we move on to our ‘Nature and Nurture’ unit, where we have our Introduction to the plays and poetry of Shakespeare, before applying our knowledge of what makes great drama to our own writing of play scripts, short stories and poems. We then study the Romantic Poets, including Keats, Blake and Clare.

We ensure that challenge is appropriate and support is focused and timely through constant monitoring of students’ progress through their performance in lessons and through their written work. More formal, summative assessment is carried out at the end of each term, where the development of students’ reading and writing skills is assessed through tests carried out under exam conditions. This information is then used to ensure that we plan appropriately for each individual student in our care.


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