Year 8 English Curriculum Overview

In year 8, we follow a thematically linked curriculum, ensuring that essential reading and writing skills are acquired, practised and deepened.

Our first term is entitled ‘Fear and the Gothic.’ During this term, we explore Gothic Literature, reading and comparing Gothic short stories and extracts from novels such as Frankenstein and Dracula. We then apply our knowledge of what makes effective writing in this genre to our own writing, producing our own gothic short stories and poems.

In our second term, we explore the concepts of ‘Representation and Ideology’ through a study of poetry inspired by a variety of world conflicts. We then apply our skills to writing persuasively and descriptively on matters relating to the theme.

Finally, we move on to our ‘Fate and Destiny’ unit, where we study Shakespeare’s The Tempest in depth before moving on to the more modern Blood Brothers, then trying out our own skills as playwrights as we prepare and perform our own scripts.

We ensure that challenge is appropriate and support is focused and timely through constant monitoring of students’ progress through their performance in lessons and through their written work. More formal, summative assessment is carried out at the end of each term, where the development of students’ reading and writing skills is assessed through tests carried out under exam conditions. This information is then used to ensure that we plan appropriately for each individual


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