Spelling Bee

Buzzin’ about spelling!

Students in Year 7 and 8 undertook their first Spelling Bee competition, hosted by the English Department, this term. After a heated, in-class battle for the class winner, the contest was taken to the PEXA where the whole year group supported their respected class winner in the battle for the Spelling Bee Champion 2018.

The contestants, under challenging conditions, competed fabulously; listening intently and using time effectively to make sure that they got through as many rounds as possible. Unfortunately, there has to be only one winner; Ibrahim in Year 7 and Umar in Year 8. They were both deserved, humble winners that congratulated all the finalists with a graceful handshake and a well done.

I would like this opportunity to say a very big thank you to all students that had taken part in the competition, the spectators that created the ‘buzz’ chanted and celebrated every student and the English staff that facilitated to make the event run smoothly.

Mrs Mahmud

English KS3 Lead

Umar (Yr 8) receiving his Spelling Bee crown, trophy and certificate.

Ibrahim  (Yr 7) with all competitors