Manchester United mark International Women’s Day 2020

As part of Manchester United’s work to mark International Women’s Day 2020, they hosted an event for young people to hear from a range of women working at the club, with the experience designed to stimulate thinking about employability pathways and raise awareness of the diversity of roles in football.

Alicia Lowry, Assistant Head of Year 8 was one of the teachers that attended from Stretford High School and thought the experience was hugely beneficial for the students.

The big take-away from today is about how important equality is and that how you look or where you’re from doesn’t stop you achieving anything, she said.

I think that there’s such diversity in our school and to bring them altogether and give a message that it doesn’t matter about your background, you can do anything, is so important.

“It’s so important for girls to know that they can come in and succeed, but also for the boys to see there are jobs for women in football. One of the students was speaking about how women can be really involved in football and he didn’t know that. He wasn’t being rude, he just didn’t think of it. So, sitting down with six women who work for United, is eye-opening for them.

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International Women’s Day event 2020, held at Old Trafford on 5th March 2020. This was a joint #AllRedAllEqual Women’s Network event which was a collaboration between Manchester United and The Foundation. Photographer: John Peters