Year 9 to isolate

Dear Parents/Carers,

You will have received one of 2 letters today, 18.09.20

One of the letters is only for Year 9 Parents/Carers to inform you that we have had a confirmed case of Covid 19 in Year 9 and we are waiting for the results of another. We  made the decision with Public Health to ask Year 9 to isolate until we have the result of this test. This letter tells you that Year 9 will be learning from home from Monday 21st September.

The other letter was for Parents/Carers in other year groups_ 7, 8, 10 & 11. These year groups are not affected and will continue to attend school as normal.

The pupils in Year 9 will learn from home on Monday 21st September – they will have online lessons and follow their normal timetable. It is very important that your child logs into google classroom for their first lesson at 8.45am. If your child is not well, please contact the school to let us know that this is the case and that they are unable to complete work on that day.

We will be sending you a google survey regarding ICT next week should you have issues with accessing online learning.

The links below will bring you to the timetable for each Year 9 Form to help you and your child to keep track of what they will be learning on Monday.

9B-MHG Mr Higginson

9B-SKN Mr Khan

9P-ASN Ms Sheldon

9P-MHA Mr Hart

9R-OMO Mr Mohamed

9R-PBA Mrs Bailey (not the new one – don’t say ‘old one’!)

9T-LBA Ms Bailey (the new one!)

9T-LSH Ms Shelmerdine

Public Health Trafford have been very clear with us that the systems we have in school are working and are keeping our pupils safe. However, there has been a spike in infections in our area in general and we must all be extra vigilant. Please ensure that children who have been directed to self isolate do so. Thank you

Take care and stay safe,