Headteacher Letter

Dear Parents/Carers

I don’t need to tell you; it has been an eventful half term.

Welcoming our children back was a joy which was too short lived as all too quickly we began to experience the impact of being a school right in the middle of the Wards with the highest infection rates in Trafford.

However, the pupils have been wonderful at adapting to the new environment in school. They have been respectful of all of the necessary changes – wearing masks in communal areas, sanitising regularly, staying in their zones. I am very proud of them.

We did have a period of time when there was confusion in the community over what people should and shouldn’t do. However, we have seen a dramatic difference in outside school behaviour as people familiarised themselves with and followed the guidance. That really helped and I thank you for that.

Of course, tonight our region flips into Tier 3, Very High, for COVID 19 rules and regulations which means that we have to now familiarise ourselves with new stricter conditions. I am sharing with you a letter and leaflets from Trafford Local Authority which helps to explain these new conditions and offers advice about half term. The information will be available on our website, our social media and MyEd. Please take some time to read it.

Should your child become ill over half term and tests positive for COVID 19, we still need to know this information as we will have to notify close contacts that they must self-isolate. We have set up an email account specifically for reporting COVID related updates to school. It is  [email protected]   Please use this email address to report positive cases to school as soon as possible. The email will be checked daily over half term and thereafter.

Thank you for your ongoing support. I hope that you have a lovely half term break and that you are safe and well.


Take care,