Opportunity to visit our school site

Dear Year 7 Parents/Carers,

I am very aware that some of our Year 7 Parents/Carers have never had an opportunity to visit our school site and see your child’s home from home for 7 hours a day!

Therefore, I would like to highlight the opportunities available to you this half term where you can come into school to visit us ‘in real life’!

Thursday 7th October   4.00 – 7.30   Open Evening: this is the evening when primary school children and their Parents/Carers visit our school to help them to make a decision about which secondary school they would like to attend in the future. However, this year, we are extending the invitation to our current Year 7 Parents/Carers as you did not have an opportunity to visit us last year. You don’t have to attend this event but you are welcome to join us for the evening to tour the school and put names to the faces that your child has been telling you about.

Thursday 21st October 4.00 -7.30  Are you alright night? All Year 7 Parents/Carers will be invited into school for a scheduled meeting with your child’s Form Tutor. This is an opportunity for children, Parents/Carers and school to share how your child is adjusting to life as a Stretfordian. You will meet your child’s Form Tutor, the person your child starts every day with and who will stay with them for their 5 year SHS journey. You will be able to discuss what is going well and what we can do to make your child’s experience even better.  It really is important for you to attend this event because we know that we can care for our children best when we work with Parents/Carers as a team.

Thursday 21st October 4.00 -7.30  Keyworker meetings. All children who have a special education need are assigned a Keyworker who is the ‘go to’ person for you and your child. On the same evening that you visit school to meet your child’s Form Tutor, you will also meet your child’s Keyworker.

We are looking forward to seeing at one or both of these events.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Nicola Doward,