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We hope that you enjoy reading this week’s SHS News 17/11/23 HERE

Please note that due to inset, school will be closed on Friday 24/11/23.

For hyperlinks, the newsletter is also available in PDF form here:  SHS News 17 November 2023 (4)

Summary (for translation)


In the recent SHS news, a message from the Headteacher Mrs. Doward discussed various activities and events that have taken place at the school. The main focus was on the Year 9 students’ career decisions, the importance of parental guidance, and the school’s re-accreditation for the national Quality in Careers Standard. The news also highlighted the Remembrance Day Service, various school activities, and student achievements.

  • Year 9 students and their parents attended a school event on 15/11 to review progress in core subjects and explore GCSE options.
  • The school emphasised the importance of parents’ influence in children’s career and education decision-making.
  • The school has been re-accredited for the national Quality in Careers Standard, recognizing its excellent careers education, information, advice, and guidance provision.
  • SHS students participated in a Remembrance Day Service, with students sharing their thoughts on what Remembrance means to them.
  • Various activities and school clubs were highlighted, including the Nasheed Club, sports teams, and the Drama GCSE group’s theatre trip.
  • Student achievements were recognised, including the Year 11 Geographers’ 4th place in the Manchester Worldwise Quiz and the Headteacher Award nominees and winners.