A Q&A With Prime Minister Johnson

I had the absolute pleasure of escorting Meisa and Harry (Year 9) to 10 Downing Street yesterday.
We were given a guided tour of the cabinet room, in which we took turns to have a seat on the Prime Minister’s chair. We sat in the White room where various world leaders have met Boris Johnson and those who came before him, to broker deals. This was then followed by a Q&A with Mr Johnson.
Meisa and Harry, in true journalistic style, spent the train journey to London researching facts and figures with which to arm themselves and respond to Mr Johnson’s answers. They considered what his response to their question might be and came up with several follow up questions to push him further.
During the Q&A Mr Johnson called out Meisa’s, before asking her question, she firmly, but politely, corrected him on his pronunciation.  ‘How will you ensure the NHS will remain free while also being an efficient and progressive beacon of medical practice?’ BY FAR the best question asked by any of the students present. I was absolutely glowing with pride.
Mrs A Penn