Discipline, Ethos and Values

We talk about Learning Today, Leading Tomorrow at Stretford High School. It is our mission and message to ensure that EVERY young person is prepared for their next steps in education and life regardless of background. We enable every pupil to ASPIRE – Achieve Academically, Be and Feel Successful, Be Professional in Attitude, Act with Integrity & Respect and know that anything can be achieved through Endeavour. We believe that progress is down to hard work, great teaching, knowing every child, high expectations and self-belief. We expect members of our community to come to school to achieve and demonstrate their commitment to this through their smart appearance, good manners, exceptional learning behaviour habits and hard work.

The school values family, respect, creativity, independence and drive at its heart. We believe a commitment to such values results in success.

Stretford High School is a Local Authority Maintained Foundation school, non-selective, 11-16 School based in the selective Local Authority of Trafford. The School serves a richly diverse local community and is widely recognised for its excellent practice supporting vulnerable pupils.   The delivery of a broad and rich Curriculum ensures that pupils access learning which is relevant and in the best interests for all.  An array of extra-curricular activities enrich and supplement classroom learning.  Pupil outcomes have improved steadily and securely in recent years and are now significantly above National Average.

Our pupils are friendly, happy, kind, caring, generous, gentle, engaging, positive, ambitious, adaptable, resilient and trusting. They have a strong sense of cultural identity and for many of them their faith plays an important role in their lives. Our school is incredibly diverse in terms of language and culture, which means that we have an extremely rich environment in which to work and serve. We are passionate about potential and relationships are very strong between young people and teachers. We are working together to build something very special for the young people we have the privilege of working with.  Additionally, the School’s Board  of Governors is made up of leading local figures and parents who are working hard to ensure the highest quality education for our community.

The School’s success is based on CARE;


We want our pupils to know the importance of values and respecting differences


We want our pupils to know that their possibilities are limitless, no matter where their starting point is


We want our pupils to develop resilience

Educated students

Our pupils access a broad and rich Curriculum and make informed Option choices to support their future learning and aspirations


Stretford High School is proud to be the Growth Company Lead School for Careers in the North West, having been awarded School of the Year in recognition of the quality of careers and enterprise opportunities made available to students.  The student led newspaper is also a national award winner, having gained the accolade of First News Secondary School Newspaper of the Year for 2018- 2019.

The School enjoys strong working relationships with close neighbours Manchester United Foundation and Lancashire County Cricket Club.


If you would like to arrange a visit to see Stretford High School or meet the Headteacher contact the PA: Helen Adshead on 0161 876 1850 or email admin@stretfordhigh.com

If you are a parent and you would like to apply for your child to join Stretford High School please email admissions@stretfordhigh.com

If you are a professional who is interested in working with Stretford High School please visit the job vacancies section of the website.