Pastoral Care


At Stretford High School we ensure that all our students feel secure, happy and cared for within the school environment.

The welfare of the children in our school is the responsibility of all members of staff who take a genuine personal interest in your son/daughter and offer personalised guidance, encouragement and support.

The Pastoral and Welfare Teams oversee the Pastoral Care System in school. By following national guidelines and procedures, we are able to take our responsibilities in terms of Safeguarding and Child Protection extremely seriously.

Children are placed within a Learning Tutor Group, with their Learning Tutor having initial responsibility for the social welfare of that group. This includes the monitoring of attendance, punctuality, behaviour and well-being.

The Head of Year and Assistant Head of Year have overall responsibility for the pastoral care of a year group. Where issues arise we will always intervene quickly and work with parents/carers to address any concerns.


Meet the Pastoral Team

Deputy Head - Leila Murton
Pastoral & Welfare Team

Assistant Head - Nabila Hussain
Behaviour and Attendance


Head of Year 7
Mr O Mohamed
Asst. Head of Year 7
Ms D Sheldon
Head of Year 8
Mr M Richardson
Asst. Head of Year 8
Mr R Taylor
Head of Year 9
Miss K Robinson
Asst. Head of Year 9
Miss E Williams
Head of Year 10
Ms H Crabtree
Assistant Head of Year 10
Mr D Warden

Head of Year 11
Mr A Kyrycz

Asst. Head of Year 11
Mr V Singh
Attendance Officer - Ms R Greenwood Q Room manager- Mr C McPhilbin






The Welfare Team support the Pastoral Care and student welfare across the school. They offer bespoke packages of intervention, group work and a space called ‘The Hub’ where students can drop in during social times or access throughout the day for specialist support.

Meet the Welfare Team

Lead Learner Welfare
Georgia Johnson

Deputy Lead Learner Welfare
Debbie Lee

Intervention Lead
Elizabeth Rogers

Hub Support TA
Hannah Clayton