Pupil Leadership

Student Council

The Student Council of Stretford High School is a collaborative and student led group, with students from Year 7 to 11 taking part in weekly meetings and discussions about issues facing the school.

This year Student Council members will have the opportunity to gain a qualification by completing the Student Leadership Accreditation. This is an initiative where students build a portfolio with evidence that they have met or surpassed certain requirements both in and out of school.

The Student Council operates a policy of equality, respect and integrity. We aim to ensure everyone has their voice heard through open discussion and we hope that we can make a difference to Stretford High School with help from other student and staff.

In the past we have been very active in regards to raising money for charity – we have raised over £400 for charities like Key 103’s Cash for Kids by organising a bag pack at Tesco. This year we are working on raising money support additional charities including Ronald McDonald House by raising funds through cake sales.



The year 7 leadership will this year focus all around the theme of community. We’ll explore what community means with our year group, the different identities that construct a community and most importantly how we as young people can use our sphere of influence to lead year sevens to have a positive impact on the community around us.

The aims of our leadership program hope to instill the first of Stretford’s key values of community. Not only do we want our leadership team to have an impact in school and our wider community but we additionally look to build on the skills to influence others on these values. Our 3 projects are led by our community leaders, whilst simultaneously including our full year group.

Term 1 our leaders will look to tackle and mitigate one of the growing societal concerns of rising cost of living. Our leaders are currently planning on galvanising our year group to provide a meal a week to help alleviate the increased pressure some of our community are facing in the pending winter months. Forms groups will focus upon one recipe and donate ingredients in which our leaders will then put together as a meal along with a recipe card to deliver to families within our school community.


We have an incredible group of aspirational year 8 community leaders who actively want to introduce positive change in our local community. In their own words “I want to help make a difference and achieve a better environment in our community”. “I want to help other students in our community feel like proud Stretfordians”. “I care about making this community a better place”. Our community leaders stand out in a crowd, they are young people filled with passion, hard-work, and creativity.

As year 8 community leaders we are going to focus our change on 3 areas:

– Firstly, we’re going to focus on our Stretford High school community, making sure it is litter free, environmentally friendly and a place we can be happy.

– Secondly, we’ll focus on supporting our Stretford High School families by raising money to help provide them with additional food during this challenging winter period.

– Thirdly, we’ll guide our focus towards our wider Stretford community by supporting local charities and establishing links with local old people’s homes and primary schools.

Community is one of the unbreakable cornerstones held by Stretford High School, our year 8 community leaders will continue to uphold this throughout this year with pride and passion.

Year 9 Junior Leaders:

At Stretford High School our values are centered around CARE; Community, Aspiration, Resilience & Education.


Our Junior Leaders are planning 6 projects to run throughout the school year and we aim to deliver 1 project each half term. Our first 2 projects include a whole school food bank collection challenge, raising resources for our in-need families, and a pop-up Christmas cinema where the money raised will be split between a charity chosen by our students and to support Year 11 students who may not otherwise attend prom.


This academic year our Junior Leaders will take part in sessions led by our very own Senior Leadership Team to support our students to build or enhance their leadership skills. We have organised 6 workshops for our Junior Leaders to attend. We want other students to aspire to be Junior leaders.


I think it’s important to recognise that our students have missed out on many Stretford High experiences since joining the school due to the pandemic. We want our students to have many opportunities to discover themselves, face knockbacks, and more importantly overcome them. Resilience is a theme that Year 9 will focus on once a week during form time this year. Our Junior Leaders will be on hand to support our Learning Tutor delivering these sessions.


Our Junior Leaders will model the school’s expectations and take full ownership of their learning. They will attend school every day and on time, they will work hard in lessons and not give up and they will attend extracurricular clubs which will go a long way to making them fully rounded individuals who are prepared for life after Stretford High.

Y10 Mentors

Year 10 Mentors have been exclusively selected to give support and guidance on a weekly basis to a younger student in Year 8 to help them become the best versions of themselves. This year’s mentors represent the best of Year 10 who show the initiative, compassion and responsibility to take someone under their wing, whilst giving back to the SHS community.


The aims of Year 10 Mentors are to offer support, guidance and advice to ensure they give the best chances to those they are mentoring. Each week, they will provide a listening ear for their mentee and use their own experiences to help them overcome obstacles and achieve success. Support will come in many forms including problem solving, advice, someone to listen or remind them to make the right choices. As well as building a relationship with their older peers, Year 10 Mentors aim to assist their mentees in improving areas of their life where they might struggle, such as progress in school, behaviour choices, confidence and self-esteem, making healthy friendships and overcoming difficulties.

In return, Year 10 Mentors will develop their own leadership skills, enhancing their abilities in critical thinking, empathy building and target setting which will stand them in great stead for their futures. By using their own experiences of traversing a tricky (Covid hit) year 8, they will be able to relate and show understanding to those who they guide. Together as a partnership, the mentors and mentees will be part of a supportive community, setting aspirations, developing resilience and building their educational values.


The prefects at Stretford High School provide equality of opportunity for all to succeed, through their shared value of;




They believe that a commitment to such values results in success, and makes a difference across the school community. They are role models of the school who assist younger students who may need support and advice. They actively contribute to whole school events such as open evening, parents evenings and school productions. The prefects this year support behaviour during social times as they have a responsibility to assist our staff members in ensuring that break times are safe.