Pupil Leadership

Student Council

The Student Council of Stretford High School is a collaborative and student led group, with students from Year 7 to 11 taking part in weekly meetings and discussions about issues facing the school.

This year Student Council members will have the opportunity to gain a qualification by completing the Student Leadership Accreditation. This is an initiative where students build a portfolio with evidence that they have met or surpassed certain requirements both in and out of school.

The Student Council operates a policy of equality, respect and integrity. We aim to ensure everyone has their voice heard through open discussion and we hope that we can make a difference to Stretford High School with help from other student and staff.

In the past we have been very active in regards to raising money for charity – we have raised over £400 for charities like Key 103’s Cash for Kids by organising a bag pack at Tesco. This year we are working on raising money support additional charities including Ronald McDonald House by raising funds through cake sales.

Yr11 Prefects

The Prefects at Stretford High School provide equality of opportunity for all to succeed, through their shared values of;




They believe a commitment to such values results in success and makes a difference across the school community. They are role models of the school and also assist younger students who may need advice. They actively contribute to whole school events such as Open evening, Parents Evenings and School Productions. The Prefects this year support behaviour during social times as they have a responsibility to ensure break and lunch times are safe. The head boy and head girl also make decisions with regards to the learning students receive at Stretford High School.

The Prefects have been raising money for the St. Ann’s Refugee Appeal, which also happens to be this year’s designated Trafford Mayoral Charity. This is a ground breaking initiative whereby a local community organisation (in this case St. Ann’s Church in Stretford) raises £9000 in order to “adopt” a refugee family and enable them to successfully integrate into our community. Following on from our charity efforts supporting refugees in years past this initiative once again unites us with the students of Stretford Grammar School. Students from both schools have worked together in order to help refugees in mainland Europe. Once again they have come together under the banner of “Stretford United” in order to raise as much money as possible towards the total of £9000 initially asked for. Students have so far run bake sales, run a sponsored 5k race and had non-uniform days. The plan is to develop these fund raising activities by organising some inter school activities (such as a basketball match) between not only the students but also the staff from both schools.

Yr10 Mentors

The Year 10 mentoring scheme has been running for many years and utilises the experiences of our Year 10 students giving them the opportunity to offer guidance and support to younger students.

The Mentor’s job is to advise, encourage and reassure.  In their sessions, a mentee will generally complete specific activities or they might simply have an informal conversation with their mentor. Mentors are trained in how to handle any worries a mentee might disclose to them.

The peer-on-peer mentoring is a great opportunity for the Year 10 students to learn new skills or enhance the skills they already have. The mentoring scheme empowers the Year 10 Mentors as they can use their school and life experiences to guide and coach students, watching their mentees flourish throughout the year. The scheme is also rewarding for the mentees too as they have someone to talk to each week; someone who listens, someone who cares and someone who understands the journey they are on.

Yr9 Junior Leaders

At Stretford high school we want to bring the best out of each student and the year 9 Junior Leader’s drive to bring the best out of everyone no matter their situation. The year 9 Junior leaders support students in every way possible though effective leadership and by helping others display mature actions.

To help in the community the junior leaders will be working with the transition team to visit primary schools in the area and run bespoke lessons to year 6 pupils at. This is an excellent opportunity for the leaders to enhance their presentation skills and deliver knowledge based lessons.

Another one of their responsibilities is to ensure break and KS3 lunch times run smoothly. The year 9 junior leaders offer assistance and monitor these social times through supporting behaviour and promoting positive social interaction during fun times.

Yr8 Junior Leaders

Student Leadership is an innovative way of formally recognising students’ leadership skills, encompassing all activities students are engaged in whether it’s in the classroom, across the school, or in the wider community.

Aims of our Student Leadership programme:

  • To empower students to work in partnership with staff towards shared goals.
  • To go back to basic as the school community benefits from the effort, time and passion the students will dedicate.
  • To provide opportunities for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of inspiring, challenging and valued projects which impact positively on their well-being and life experience.
  • To prepare students to think outside the box in further education dedicating time to the community through values and principles learnt.

This year the Year 8 Community Leaders will lead on support communities and families that are less fortunate due to circumstances beyond their control. They will also be supporting our own Stretford Community to ensure we have a clean and safe environment. The Community Leaders will develop skills that are transferable to all aspects of their future targets and goals whilst they embed a true Stretford spirit within themselves!

Year 7 Community Leaders

The year 7’s will be focussing on community input and ensuring that they look after the area that they come from. There will be a collaboration with ‘Gorgeous Gorse Hill’ who are a local community group that take immense pride in what they do! Students will be able to support with painting, litter picks and gardening. The students will represent the school with pride and support any events they can. They are a group that display very high standards and are the shining example to all students around the school.