Senior Leadership Team

Nicola DowardNicola Doward BA (Hons), H Dip Ed, NPQH Head Teacher:
Mrs Doward was born and bred in Dublin’s fair city, Ireland. Her love of literature led her to Limerick where she studied for her degree in English Literature and Theology. The call to teach brought her back to Dublin where she completed her Higher Diploma in Education. Before settling in England in 1999, she spent a year in Slovakia teaching English and learning about a wonderful culture and people. She has lived in England since 1999 working in education as an English teacher, Head of Year, Head of Faculty, Assistant Head teacher, English Consultant, School Improvement Officer and Deputy Headteacher. She took up post as Headteacher of Stretford High School in September 2015.
Mrs Doward has two children and feels that of all the roles she has held in education, it is actually being a ‘mammy’ that has best prepared her to lead Stretford High . In her words, ‘a mammy keeps you safe, supports you, pushes you to be your best, picks you up and brushes you down when you fall and never, ever stops wanting the best for you. That is what drives me in my role as head too.’
Rowena KiddRowena Kidd. Deputy Headteacher:
Having had a successful career in Animation and TV after leaving Art school, Mrs Kidd decided to go back into education and gained an English Literature and Art History Degree with the Open University and then went on to gained her Master’s Degree in Art History from Manchester University. Mrs Kidd qualified as an Art teacher in 2006 and has taught in two schools before taking up the post of Assistant Head for data and curriculum at Stretford High. She was appointed to Deputy Headteacher in September 2018. Mrs Kidd has completed her training with Teaching Leaders, NPQML and is now undertaking her NPQH qualification.
Leila Murton. Deputy Headteacher:
Leila originally trained as an actor and has worked with young people for the Youth Service and in schools. She has always had a passion for drama and how it can be used as an educational tool as well as to enlighten and entertain. She believes that creativity is the foundation for all learning and that there are never mistakes in the arts only discoveries. She has been teaching at Stretford High as a drama teacher since 2003. Leila has been Head of Drama, Head of House and Director of Behaviour for Learning at SHS before being appointed to the role of Assistant Headteacher for KS4. In May 2020, she was appointed to the role of Deputy Headteacher, focusing on Pastoral & Safeguarding.
Will Brooks: Business Manager:
Will achieved his AAT Level 4 qualification in conjunction with a diploma in Business Management in 2016. Prior to starting his journey with Stretford High School, Will had worked within the leisure industry with a not for profit organisation across multiple sites as Finance Assistant and progressed through the team to Finance Supervisor.
In 2018, Will joined Stretford High School as Head Of Finance and in April 2020 moved to Business Manager within the Senior Leadership Team. Will is dedicated to the smooth operation of all business aspects of school life and ensuring quality of education for all pupils.
Emma BoltonEmma Bolton. Assistant Headteacher:
Emma gained her Masters Degree in Modern Studies: Spanish, English & Philosophy from Staffordshire University. Having had a career in Sales & Marketing, Emma decided to travel the world and then decided to become a teacher in 2004. Emma qualified as a teacher of Spanish & French in 2005 from Liverpool Hope University. Emma has taught in two schools in Liverpool and Manchester and joined Stretford High School in September 2009. Emma has spent 5 years as Director of Academic School for Languages and has was appointed to the role of Assistant Headteacher in September 2014. Emma has completed professional development training with Teaching Leaders, NPQSL and the Future Leaders programme.
Faisal Ahmed LLB (Hons). MA (Education). NPQML. Assistant Headteacher:
Faisal Ahmed has a background in law and started as a trainee teacher at Stretford High School in 2010, going on to gain full time employment as a Teacher of Humanities and Social Sciences in 2011. He completed his NPQML qualification in 2014 followed by his Masters in Education in 2016. He has been a student council leader, Head of Department and took up the post of Assistant Headteacher in September 2018. Mr Ahmed believes in developing the whole student with a lifelong love for learning.
Sarah Eggleton. Assistant Headteacher:
A Yorkshire teacher on the wrong side of the Pennines; Ms Eggleton has a life long love of reading, leading to studying English Literature at Lancaster University. After graduating, Ms Eggleton started her teaching career as a Teach First participant at Stretford High School in 2009, teaching English. Three years later Ms Eggleton left Stretford to work; first as English teacher at a school in Altrincham; and then as assistant head of the English at a school in Salford. During this time she achieved a Masters in Education and Leadership from The University of Manchester and completed her NPQML qualification. After four years away, the pull to return to Stretford was too great and Ms Eggleton was thrilled to rejoin the school in 2016 as Head of English, joining the leadership team as Assistant Headteacher in 2018. Although she will always call Yorkshire home, Ms Eggleton is very proud to be a Stretfordian too.
Dan Moloney. Assistant Headteacher:
After graduating in Sheffield in 2014, Mr Moloney taught there for two years before returning home to Manchester where he joined a local school as second in Science. In 2017 Mr Moloney was thrilled to join Stretford High School as Head of Science and in 2018 completed the NPQML programme. He joined the senior leadership team as Assistant Headteacher in June 2020 and is responsible for home learning, remote learning and whole school intervention. He has also retained his role as Head of Science. Mr Moloney is passionately committed to the Stretford High School community and to improving the lives of the young people that come through its doors.
Nabila Hussain. Assistant Headteacher:
Ms Hussain has a background in industry as an Electronics and Computer Systems Engineer and she qualified as a Teacher of Engineering in 2006. Prior to teaching, she worked with the Police Force and Young Offenders where she developed her passion for pastoral, welfare and safeguarding. She has taught in four different schools during her teaching career and has a great passion for Engineering, Design Technology, STEM and promoting the industry within the school. In this time, she has also achieved a Master’s in Education and Leadership from The University of Manchester and is completing her NPQSL qualification. A personal passion for Ms Hussain is travel and discovering new cultures, with this in mind she has embedded the Erasmus+ programme over the years at Stretford High School, led on European exchanges and is the coordinator for various schools in Europe. Nabila was appointed to the role of Assistant Headteacher in June 2020 and her focus is Behaviour & Attendance.
Jennie Edwards. Assistant Headteacher:
Originally from Belfast, Jennie moved to Manchester to complete her teaching practice at Manchester Metropolitan University in 2009. She worked as an Advanced Skills Teacher at a school in Oldham before joining Stretford High School as head of Design and Technology in 2016. In 2017, Jennie took over the Vocational department, bringing together the subjects of Business, Computing, DT, Engineering and Catering. Jennie has a background working in both the Hospitality and Catering industry as well as in Food Manufacturing and has a Masters in Nutrition and Food Management. As well as her head of department role, Jennie was appointed to Assistant Headteacher in June 2020 and is responsible for raising the attainment of all students through VENNs and ‘So what next’ meetings.