In-Year Transfers

Parents of children who are already of Secondary School age and wish to transfer to Stretford High School must apply directly to the school, using the In-Year Transfer Application Form.

Please read and familiarise yourself with the following In-Year-Transfer information before making an application.

  • It is important to ensure that the information you provide is factually correct.  Parents have been known to give a false address in an attempt to improve their chances of getting a place.  Please note that any offer made will be withdrawn if it is found that the parents/carers have given false information.
  • Applications for an In-Year transfer will normally be processed within 10 school days of receipt.
  • As its own admission authority, the school will consider the application in strict accordance with its published Admission Policy.
  • The school will write to you to let you know if there are any spaces available.  If the School is full you will be given an option to join a Waiting List or Appeal to an Independent Appeals Panel.
  • Waiting Lists will be ranked in accordance with our published oversubscription criteria (please see our Admissions Policy on the School website).
  • Waiting Lists will not give priority to children based on the date either their application was received or their name was added to the list


Once you have read the above In-Year Transfer information, and are satisfied with our Admissions Policy, we invite you to download our In-Year Transfer Application Form.

Once this is completed, please return it either by post or as an email attachment to:

Mrs A Hewitt
Stretford High School
Great Stone Road
M32 0XA