Welcome to Stretford High School

This web page has been designed to help you and your child prepare as much as possible for a successful start to secondary school. Discover all the useful  information, activities and links to helpful external resources. We have pages for students and a separate page with information and links for parents/carers. 

We will host our traditional Transition Day on the 4th July 2023.

We are also holding a very exciting Summer Spectacular for one week (dates to be announced)


Why not visit our parental web page for details of how to help your child with their transition process.

Parental Transition Information


Perhaps visit the student information page with your child and discover the answers to some of their questions.

Student Transition Information


Explore our transition webpages to discover more about transition at Stretford High.

Class of 2029, we look forward to sharing this 5-year journey with you and celebrating your successes along the way. 

If you have any questions or concerns please contact

[email protected]