Class of 2020!

I always love results day – so many tears of joy, smiles and laughter as our young people are rewarded for their hard work; it is a very special day.

Today has been even more special. The Class of 2020 arrived today having been through what no other year group has done. No formal end to your secondary school experience, no exams to hang on to – it has been a very traumatic experience. It has not tarnished your shine though. You arrived full of smiles and laughter and it was wonderful to see you all.

Your results are spectacular Рthe best results ever! What is so special about these results is that they are the product of hard work over your 5 years with us.  They are not about what you can produce on a day but what you can achieve when you put the graft in over time. You have been working towards this goal since day 1 and you deserve this success. It is a powerful message to every Stretfordian who follows you: Races are not won at starting pistol or when you cross the finish line Рraces are won by digging deep and pacing yourself in the middle.

I am sorry your BTec results were not included today – we will post the results home to you as soon as we receive them – it is likely to be next week.

For now, all that remains is for me to remind you all that you are a Stretfordian and you still carry our badge in your heart. I hope you carry it with as much pride as I have for you.

Stay safe, stay in touch and be happy!

Mrs Doward