Engineering Key Stage 4

In Year 10 and 11 students will undertake courses leading to the Edexcel BTEC Level 2 qualaification in Engineering.

In Year 11 pupils will complete the Unit 2 -Investigating an Engineering Product during year 10. In term 1 they research the engineering sector in preparation for their examination.

In term 2/3 pupils will be focusing on Unit 3- Electronic Circuit Design and Construction.

In term, Year 10 pupils will focus on understanding engineering sector in preparation for an examination. Term 2 and 3 pupils will be working on Unit 2 -Investigating an Engineering Product to complete for the end of year 10.

Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum Overview Topics
Term 1/2 Component 2:
Investigating an Engineering Project 30%
Learning AIM A: Understand materials, components and processes for a given engineering product
Learning AIM B: Investigate a given engineered product using disassembly techniques
Learning AIM C: Plan the manufacture and safely reproduce, inspect, test an engineered component

During Component 2, your students will:
• learn why engineers choose certain materials and components to make products
• investigate how products are made
• identify best practice when it comes to safety and risk management
• develop research, observation, recording, interpretation and measuring skills
• put what they’ve learned into practice by safely planning, reproducing and testing
an engineered product

Term 2 Component 3:
Responding to an Engineering Brief
Learning AIM A: Carry out a process to meet the needs of an engineering brief
Learning AIM B: Provide a design solution for an engineered product against the needs of an engineering brief

To achieve this aim, your students will:
• build on what they’ve learned in Components 2
• identify the problem, develop a hypothesis and investigate possible solutions
• create a prototype that meets the brief
• record, analyse and evaluate data and outcomes, and reflect on how the product
meets the brief

Term 3 Component 3:
Responding to an Engineering Brief 40%
Learning AIM C: Provide solutions to meet the needs of an engineering brief
Exam May/June at 40%


Year 11

Year 11 Curriculum Overview Topics
Term 1 Assignment A: 15%
Exploring Engineering Sectors and Design Applications 15%
Learning AIM A: Engineering Skills and Designing Solutions
Learning AIM B: B: Explore engineering skills through the design process

During Component 1, your students will:
• discover the engineering design and manufacture processes.

Term 2 Assignment B:
Products, Sectors and Organisations 15%
Learning AIM A: Understand engineering sectors, products and organisations, and how they interrelate

During Component 1, your students will:
• explore the different sectors, products and interconnections within the industry
• investigate what various engineering organisations and functions do, in addition
to potential career paths

Term 3 Revision for exam resits