Drama Key Stage 3

In Drama at KS3 Drama, students will learn to explore a variety of stimuli by responding, exploring and developing, utilising a wide range of drama techniques.

Students will learn to develop characters, understand plot and explore the use of a variety of vocal and movement techniques.
Students will be challenged to work in small groups and as individuals to grow their confidence in performance and extend their leadership skills.

They will begin to evaluate and analyse their own work and the work of others throughout the creative process and following performances.

Year 7 Curriculum OverviewThemesUnit content
Term 1Basic Drama SkillsVocal, Movement and Physical Yoolkit
Term 2EvacueesStill Image, Thought Track, Narration and Devising
Term 3The IslandMime, Scripts, News report, Monologues, Role Play
Year 8 Curriculum OverviewThemesUnit content
Term 1HauntingsPhysical Theatre, Atmosphere and Tension, Monologue
Term 2Greek Theatre Choral Speech and Movement
Term 3TIENews Report, Advert, Role Play, Devising, Script
Year 9 Curriculum OverviewThemesUnit content
Term 1Blood BrothersScripted Performance, Written exam questions, Exploration and Analysis of Play
Term 2WarDevising and Portfolio
Term 3Missing Dan NolanScripted Performance, Exploration and Analysis of Play