English Homework

Bedrock Vocabulary Software and English Homework.

This year, your child has been given access to a software program called Bedrock Vocabulary. The English department is using this platform to set the two pieces of homework a week that are part of school’s homework policy.  We have specifically chosen this software to enhance the vocabulary of our students which will benefit them greatly when accessing the GCSE exam papers and will help them make progress in all areas of school life.

What is Bedrock?

Bedrock is an online program that produces lessons for students based around academic terms. The pupils are given access to sophisticated vocabulary via a number of different lesson styles so the words are embedded in their memory and fully understood rather than just learning definitions. The lessons are best experienced with audio and each are designed so students cannot rush through them. On average they should take about 15 mins to complete. This software is straight forward to follow and students will be able to access the lessons in numerical order and will be tested on their understanding at the end of each lesson.

How can my child access Bedrock?

Students can access Bedrock via their website on computers, phones and tablets using this website address: https://portal.bedrocklearning.org/ Their username is their first name_last name e.g. katie_robinson and their password is the first three letters of their first name added to the first three letters of their last name e.g. katrob (all lower case). If there is more than one student with the same name, or if you have any doubt about your username or password– please see your English teacher.


How can you help?

Please ensure that homework is completed on Bedrock when students are required to do so. Students can only complete one lesson at a time and there is a 48 hour gap before the next lesson is open to begin. It will therefore be difficult for the students to catch up if they leave it too late or don’t complete the homework on the day its set. We will be running an English homework club on Tuesdays (library) and Thursdays (0.75 – computer room) each week. Homework club will be there for students who need somewhere quiet to complete their work and/or need access to a computer. Attendance to homework club will be optional unless students fail to complete their homework. If your child fails to complete their homework twice in one half term, homework club will become mandatory and they will be expected to attend until they catch up. If you have concerns about your child’s ability to access the internet at home, please be aware that the students can use the library (break, lunchtime and afterschool) where there are computers available. City Year also run a homework club on a Monday and Thursday in the library. The homework timetable for English, in line with their timetabled lessons, will be as follows:

  • Year 7 – Tuesday and Friday
  • Year 8 – Tuesday and Friday
  • Year 9 – Monday and Wednesday


What if the student doesn’t complete their homework?

Every Monday, English teachers will receive a report from Bedrock which looks like this:

If you fail to complete your two allocated sessions, you will be issued with a homework detention for Tuesday (library) or Thursday (0.75 – computer room). A text message will be sent home and the student will receive a negative behaviour log. If this becomes a recurring issue, we will be arranging parent meetings to get to the bottom of the problem. Please note that the two sessions do not include the pre and post-tests that students must complete at the start and end of every topic.

What if I have a technical issue with Bedrock?

You can contact Bedrock directly by using the grey ‘support’ tab on the right hand side when you are on the Bedrock website. Using this, you can detail your issue which they can deal with directly. Please bear in mind that this will only work during Monday – Friday so please take this into consideration when you are choosing which days to complete your Bedrock homework.

The English team would like to thank you in advance for your support. If you have any other queries, please speak to your English teacher directly.