Everything Else (GCSE Citizenship)

EE (Everything Else) and COVID 19

During lockdown your child was provided with a range of resources and educational opportunities by the EE department. In Year 7 and Year 8 we issued a Skills project in order to develop a range of interests whilst we were away from school. We also developed two work based projects for each year group that were developed from the lessons that we would have taught in school had the school been teaching normal lessons. For Year 7 the project was about healthy eating and mindfulness, for year 8 the project was about politics and activism. In Year 9 we provided a course of Financial Education for the first 7 weeks of lockdown. After that we delivered, on a weekly basis, a Live Lesson that looked each week at the unfolding “Black Lives Matter” movement (these lessons continued until the summer break). We are confident that, if your child engaged with tasks set and live lessons offered, our educational offering should have helped to reduce what would have been missed in the classroom.

As a result of our lockdown curriculum our first focus on returning to in school lessons has been to get your child reading again and engaging with discussion on serious Life Skill issues and current affairs As a result, I am encouraging our students to take an interest in the news and to read news stories from trusted sources. I would recommend online versions of mainstream media outlets (such as the BBC, “The Guardian” newspaper and “The Independent” newspaper). Sadly, the rise of misinformation on social media has led to the spread of falsehoods and inaccurate reporting. We unpick many of these falsehoods within EE and students could do well to ensure that they are reading reports that have been written by organisations that have had them checked by their legal departments. This will go some way to making your children well informed and able to properly question events that unfold around them.

We know your child will have some gaps from missing “in school teaching” during COVID lockdown, but we have made sure our curriculum addresses these as a priority. We will be revisiting topics that were missed by incorporating elements of them into teaching over the next two years. Through the use of questioning at the start of lessons we hope to quickly establish a culture of recap, in order to remind students of what we have done and to fill any gaps that may exist. Home Learning will be set on google classroom from now on. This means that students will have access to all of the resources necessary to complete tasks. They can send questions to their teachers. They can also complete tasks and send those assignments directly to their teachers through google classroom. Those teachers will then be able to assess those responses, make comments, grade each assignment and then return that work to the students safely and quickly..

How can I support my child?

  • > Ensure they complete all homework tasks (look out for google classroom assignments throughout the year).
  • > Ensure they read articles from online trusted mainstream news sources on a daily basis.

We recommend:

The Guardian newspaper

The Independant newspaper

BBC news


  • Encourage writing and questioning. Discuss current affairs and news stories. Look at different accounts of the same story.
  • Contact us – all staff are available to contact via email – just ask. Any questions or concerns you have we’re here for you and happy to help!



Welcome to the “Everything Else” life skills, Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and GCSE Citizenship Department


“Everything Else” is the name that has been given to the schools bespoke life skills programme. The rationale behind this programme was for us to teach all those topics that everybody thought school should teach about life after school. The curriculum has been composed by speaking to other teachers, parents and students. Topics covered include First Aid, Politics, Healthy Eating, Globalism, Careers and Identity. We also engage in analysing current affairs. There are many news stories that worry or intrigue our students. We use our “Everything Else” time to discuss those subjects within the safe confines of a classroom so that students can understand and engage with the modern world.

We have also led many whole school projects and learning experiences for our students. For example, our discussions about the refugee crisis within “EE” lessons led to us participating in the “Salford to Calais” initiative (providing practical support for refugees in the “Jungle” at Calais). This then led to us sending students and teachers to work for a week in the Dunkirk Refugee School in Northern France. In “EE” we like to not only discuss the modern world but to actively engage in helping others. These concepts reflect what Stretford High School is ultimately about.

Students in Year 9 have the option to participate in the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme in order to gain their Bronze Award. In order to complete this course students have to learn a skill, take part in a physical activity, volunteer in the local community and, finally, complete a 2 day expedition under canvas.

“EE” has also incorporated the curriculum for the GCSE in Citizenship. This is studied in Years 10 and 11. The GCSE in Citizenship involves students learning how to be informed and active citizens. The GCSE is exam based and students will study the following topics:

  1. Life in Modern Britain.
  2. Rights and Responsibilities.
  3. Politics and participation.
  4. Students will also engage in an Active Citizenship project.

Meet the “Everything Else” Department
The department team consists of seventeen members of staff. These are:

Mr C HirstHead of Everything Else Department
Ms P LathamAssistant Head of EE/Teacher of Dance
Mr A MillerTeacher of EE and Psychology
Ms K GarrickHead of Geography
Ms J NesfiledHead of MFL
Ms L Pulido-CasasTeacher of MFL
Ms L StuartTeacher of English
Ms R MahmudTeacher of English
Ms J Van AlderwegenTeacher of History
Ms M IslamTeacher of MFL
Mr J AdekoyoTeacher of PE and Careers
Mr M HartTeacher of DT
Mrs D TaylorTeaching Assistant

The “Everything Else” Department aims:

  • All students will have an opportunity to discuss important current affairs of national and international significance in order to understand the nature and impact of those events.
  • All students will have the opportunity to add areas to the curriculum that they consider relevant to their lives.
  • All students will have the opportunity to discuss and explore life skills topics within a safe and supportive classroom environment.
  • Most students will be able to gain a GCSE qualification in Citizenship, a First Aid Certificate and a Duke of Edinburgh Scheme Bronze Award.
  • Some students will be able to take advantage of our many small trips and other educational experiences that we offer throughout the school year.

EE team with the UK Heartsafe Education Award for 2018 (awarded to Stretford High School for outstanding First Aid Education).