Everything Else (Financial Capability)

Welcome to the “Everything Else” life skills Department
“Everything Else” is the name that has been given to the schools bespoke life skills programme. The rationale behind this programme was for us to teach all those topics that everybody thought school should teach about life after school. The curriculum has been composed by speaking to other teachers, parents and students. We also engage in analysing current affairs. There are many news stories that worry or intrigue our students. We use our “Everything Else” time to discuss those subjects within the safe confines of a classroom so that students can understand and engage with the modern world.

We have also led many whole school projects and learning experiences for our students. For example, our discussions about the refugee crisis within “EE” lessons led to us participating in the “Salford to Calais” initiative (providing practical support for refugees in the “Jungle” at Calais). This then led to us sending students and teachers to work for a week in the Dunkirk Refugee School in Northern France. In “EE” we like to not only discuss the modern world but to actively engage in helping others. These concepts reflect what Stretford High School is ultimately about.

“EE” has also incorporated the curriculum for the GCSE in Financial Education. This is studied in Year 9 and Year 10.

Meet the “Everything Else” Department
The department team consists of seventeen members of staff. These are:

Mr C HirstHead of “Everything Else” Department
Mr A CookeDeputy Head of “Everything Else”
Ms P LathamTeacher of Everything Else and Dance
Mrs K FletcherHead of MFL
Mrs M FraserTeacher of MFL
Mrs G RobinsonHead of PE
Mr M RichardsonHead of Year 9
Ms T KhanDeputy Head of Maths
Mrs M FieldingHead of Year 11
Mr C SinghTeacher of Maths
Mrs D TaylorTeaching Assistant

The “Everything Else” Department aims:

  • All students will have an opportunity to discuss important current affairs of national and international significance in order to understand the nature and impact of those events.
  • All students will have the opportunity to add areas to the curriculum that they consider relevant to their lives.
  • All students will have the opportunity to discuss and explore life skills topics within a safe and supportive classroom environment.
  • Most students will be able to gain a GCSE qualification in Financial Education, a First Aid Certificate and a Business Studies certificate from the Manchester United Foundation.
  • Some students will be able to take advantage of our Year 7 trip to Rome and also the many small trips and educational experiences that we offer throughout the school year.