Everything Else Key Stage 4

StudentsĀ in Year 10 teaching groups will follow the curriculum for AQA
GCSE Citizenship
In Year 11 they focus more on the transition into College life and the
skills required when they enter society as adults.

Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum OverviewTopicUnit content
Term 13.2 Life in Modern Britain3.2.1 What are the principles and values that underpin British society?
3.2.2 What do we mean by identity?
3.2.3 What is the role of the media and the free press?
3.2.4 What is the UK's role in key international organisations?
3.2.5 How can citizens make their voice heard and make a difference in society?
3.2.6 Citizenship skills, processes and methods
Term 23.3 Rights and responsibilities3.3.1 What laws does a society require and why?
3.3.2 What are a citizen's rights and responsibilities within the legal system?
3.3.3 How has the law developed over time, and how does the law protect the citizen and deal with criminals?
3.3.4 What are the universal human rights and how do we protect them?
3.3.5 How do citizens play a part to bring about change in the legal system?
3.3.6 Citizenship processes, skills and methods
Term 33.4 Politics and participation3.4.1 Where does political power reside in the UK and how it is controlled?
3.4.2 What are the powers of local government and how can citizens participate?
3.4.3 Where does political power reside: with the citizen, parliament or government?
3.4.4 How do others govern themselves?
3.4.5 How can citizens try to bring about political change?
3.4.6 Citizenship skills, processes and methods


Careers, Personal Statements & College Applications

Year 11

Year 11 Curriculum OverviewAutumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Double lesson of EE working through college applications and personal statements

Assemblies form different business/providers , Sixth Form and Further Education

1:1 interview with Connections

College open days visits

Career market fair
Double lesson of EE, setting up Linkedin profile for SHS Alumni

1:1 interview with Connections

Growth Company working with individuals who have applied for Apprenticeships
Join the SHS Alumni
Year 11 CurriculumTopicUnit content
Term 1Personal Statements and College applicationsStudents will be taught how to construct a personal statement with relevant information and details of all extra curricular activities and responsibilities they have undertook whilst at Stretford High School and other clubs/organisations they belong to. Students type up their statements using the Unifrog Career Platform, which guides their content for each paragraph.
After half term, students practice filling in college and Sixth Form application forms before filling in their final chosen applications.
Students will be having 1:1 career advice meetings with our impartial career advisors from Connexions and will create action plans.
There will be seven extra assemblies for year 11 from local Sixth Form College and Further Educational Colleges, as well as Apprenticeships and NCS to help our students learn about different post 16 pathways and qualifications. Students are given a list of dates and encouraged to attend all of the open evenings to help them select which places to apply to.
Students are invited to come to the Career Market Fair on the 21st November to talk to professional Business people and Colleges about possible future career pathways
Term 2College InterviewsStudents will be receiving offers from some/all of the colleges they have applied to and attend interviews at the colleges. They will be given training sessions from Hays Recruitment and staff to help develop their interview techniques.
Term 3Joining the Stretford High AlumniIn the final term, students will be shown how to create a business profile on Linkedin and will be encouraged to join the Stretford High Alumni so we can continue to support them once they have left our school.