Everything Else Key Stage 4

StudentsĀ in Year 10 teaching groups will follow the curriculum for AQA
GCSE Citizenship
In Year 11 they focus more on the transition into College life and the
skills required when they enter society as adults.

Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum Overview Themes Unit content
Term 1 Identity Life in Modern Britain. Key questions: What are the principles and values that underpin British society? What do we mean by identity? What is the role of the media and the free press? What is the UK’s role in key international organisations? How can citizens make their voice heard and make a difference in society? Citizenship skills, processes and methods.
Term 2 Rights and Responsibilities, Politics and Participation Rights and Responsibilities. Key questions: What laws does a society require and why? What are a citizen’s rights and responsibilities within the legal system? How has the law developed over time, and how does the law protect the citizen and deal with criminals? What are the universal human rights and how do we protect them? How do citizens play a part to bring about change in the legal system? Citizenship processes, skills and methods.
Politics and Participation. Key questions: Where does political power reside in the UK and how it is controlled? What are the powers of local government and how can citizens participate? Where does political power reside: with the citizen, parliament or government? How do others govern themselves? How can citizens try to bring about political change? Citizenship skills, processes and methods.
Term 3 College applications Investigation into how to write a Personal Statement for College application. All students to then write a Personal Statement on Unifrog for College.


Careers, Personal Statements & College Applications


Year 11

Year 11 Curriculum Overview Themes Unit content
Term 1 College Applications Write a college application form. How to attend an open day for college.
Term 2 Relationships and Sex Education Investigation into a variety of issues associated with Relationship and Sex education (Contraception, STIs, Pregnancy, Abusive Relationships, Family, Abortion, Virginity and Body Image).
Term 3 Revision Techniques Investigation into the techniques required when revising for exams.