History Key Stage 3

History Covid recovery statement 

During lockdown your child was provided with live lessons focusing on key historical content and skills. We are confident that, if your child engaged with tasks set and live lessons offered, our educational offering should have helped to reduce what would have been missed in the classroom. Students were able to develop their knowledge during the live lessons and apply this alongside skills in the home learning tasks. Year 9 students who opted for GCSE History were given the opportunity to complete a series of enquiries with the aim of mastering source evaluation techniques and making substantiated judgements. 

What are the gaps? 

Knowledge: students were not able to study each unit of study in depth as we would have studied in the classroom.  Some aspects of the units we studied were not suitable for remote learning so schemes had to be adapted to accommodate this. 

Skills: Students were given the opportunity to develop key historical skills, but remote learning meant that they were not able to master each skill set.  Within class we are continuously giving students live feedback and strategies to strengthen their abilities further but delivering live lessons restricted our ability to do this rigorously.  

How will they be addressed?

As a result of our lockdown curriculum our first focus on returning to in school lessons has been to give students the opportunity to develop, with the aim of mastering, the following key historical skills:

  • > Historical Knowing: improving substantive knowledge recall and increase wider chronological awareness.
  • > Thinking Historically: helping students to progress in making sense of the ‘substance’ of history with application of second-order historical concepts (cause and consequence, change and continuity, similarity and difference, significance); as well as engaging with the use of historical sources and interpretations, analysing and evaluating how the past is constructed and interpreted in different ways as emerging skills.
  • > Writing Historically: progressing students with the tools to ‘speak like a historian’, as well as writing and communicating a range of small, medium and extended responses to specific enquires.

We know your child will have some gaps from missing in school teaching during COVID lockdown, but we have made sure our curriculum addresses these as a priority. Our lessons are differentiated to ensure your child accesses the work that is suited to their current level, but crucially has the opportunity to challenge them beyond that level consistently. We take time every lesson for students to build their metacognition skills which will allow them to take control of their own learning and for them to feel comfortable and confident working independently. We are also using self and peer assessment to enable your child to more confidently assess their own strengths and areas for development to empower them to take control of their learning. Whilst marking work we will be able to identify more gaps and adapt our teaching to fill these and our weekly home learning tasks will give your child the opportunity to consolidate their learning. 



What are students expected to do?

Students will be required to work hard and meet high expectations in the classroom. Students are encouraged through reflective tasks to confidently assess their own strengths and areas for development to empower them to take control of their learning. We are marking work and adapting our teaching in response to the student’s efforts to plug the gaps we identify. Home learning will be issued every week and students are expected to complete this to a high standard and submit this on time.

How can I support my child?

> Talk to them about what they have learnt in History.

> Ensure they complete all home learning

  • > Year 7 useful websites




  • > Year 8 useful websites 

https://www.historyskills.com/historical-knowledge/chronology/ https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/history-ks3-exploring-historical-locations/zrg2bdm


  • > Year 9 useful websites





Contact us – the history team are available to contact via email – just ask. Any questions or concerns you have we’re here for you and happy to help!    

skhaliq@stretfordhigh.com                    jlee@stretfordhigh.com          eclark@stretfordhigh.com



Welcome to the humanities department; at Stretford High, we deliver a combined Humanities programme consisting of Geography, History and Religious studies. Our aim is to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world in which we live.

Students have two forty-five minute lessons each week as part of their Humanities curriculum. Links between the three subjects are identified and embraced in the amalgamated humanities programme of study. All programmes meet the requirements of the national curriculum.

Year 7

Year 7 Curriculum Overview Topic Unit content
Term 1 The Medieval World Life in Anglo Saxon England, Contenders to the throne in 1066, The Battle of Hastings? How did William establish control of England? Life, Crime and Punishment in Medieval England, Castles, The Black Death, The Peasants Revolt. Case Study on Baghdad and China.
Term 2 Religion and Sate The Crusades – The War of the Cross and the impact of Islamic civilisations
Term 3 The Mughal Empire The rise and fall of the Mughal Empire. the impact of the East India Company
The Tudors The impact of Black Tudors


Year 8

Year 8 Curriculum Overview Topic Unit content
Term 1 The Slave Trade Africa before Slavery. What is Slavery? The Slave Triangle, The Middle Passage, Slave auctions, Plantation life, Slave rebellions, Abolition of Slavery, Female Abolitionists
Crime, Punishment and Protest Context of the Industrial Revolution, Peterloo Massacre, Metropolitan Police, Prisons, Jack the Ripper
Term 2 Women’s Rights Suffragettes and Suffragists, Emily Davison, Princess Sophia, Hunger Strikes, Women and War
Term 3 World War One Causes of WWI, Recruitment and Propaganda, Commonwealth Soldiers, Trench Warfare, Weapons, Battle of the Somme, Manchester and WWI, End of War


Year 9

Year 9 Curriculum Overview Topic Unit content
Term 1 Civil Rights Movement In Britain and America Jim Crow Laws, School Segregation, ‘Bussing out’, Lynching, Emmett Till, Stephen lawrence, Kelso Cochrane, Rosa Parks, Claudette Colvin The Bristol Bus Boycotts, , Greensboro Sit Ins, Black Panthers, Black Power in Britain, Malik El Shabaz, Martin Luther King, The National Front
Nazi Germany Hitler’s early life, Munich Putsch, Hitler’s Rise to Power, Propaganda, Education / Youth, Women, Terror, Opposition
Term 2 Holocaust Treatment of Jews, Kristallnacht, Ghettoes, Life in Camps, Why Remember the Holocaust?
Term 3 Conflict in the 20th century World War Two, Partition of India, Conflict in the Middle East,