History Key Stage 4

Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum OverviewTopicUnit content
PR1Non-British Depth StudyThe USA: A Nation of Contrasts 1910-1929
Key Question 1 - Why did Immigration become such a major issue in American society?
Key Question 2 - Was America a country of religious and racial intolerance during this period?
Key Question 3 - Was the 1920s a decade of organised crime and corruption?
Key Question 4 - Was the 1920s a decade of organised crime and corruption?
Key Question 5 - What were the causes of the economic boom experiences in the 1920s?
Key Question 6 - What factors led to the end of prosperity in 1929?
Key Question 7 - How did popular entertainment develop during this period?
Key Question 8 - How did the lifestyle and status of women change during this period
PR2Thematic Study and Historic EnvironmentChanges in Entertainment & Leisure in Britain c.500 - Present Day
Historic Environment study of Wembley Stadium
Theme 1 - Sport, Professionalism and Sponsorship
Theme 2 - Theatre, Glee Clubs and Music Halls
Theme 3 - Music, Radio and Dance
Theme 4 - Games and Children's Entertainment
Theme 5 - Bloodsports and Animal Welfare
Theme 6 - Holidays
Theme 7 - Historic Environment Study: Wembley Stadium


Year 11

Year 11 Curriculum OverviewTopicUnit content
"Key Question 1 - How successful was the Weimar Government in dealing with
Germany`s problems between 1919 and 1933?"
Key Question 2 - How did the Nazis take total control of Germany by 1934?
"Key Question 3 - How were the lives of the German people affected by Nazi
rule between 1933 and 1939?"
"Key Question 4 - Why did life change for the German people during the
Second World War?"
"Key Question 5 - Why were conditions in West and East Germany different
after 1949?"
"Key Question 6 - How did relations between the two Germanies change
between 1949 and 1991?"
Key Question 7 - What factors led to the reunification of Germany in 1990?
PR2British Depth StudyTHE ELIZABETHAN AGE, 1558-1603
Key Question 1 - How successful was the government of Elizabeth I?
Key Question 2 - How did life differ for the rich and poor in Elizabethan times?
"Key question 3 - What were the most popular types of entertainment in
Elizabethan times?"
"Key Question 4 - How successfully did Elizabeth deal with the problem of
Key Question 5 - Why were the Catholics such a serious threat to Elizabeth?
Key Question 6 - How much of a threat was the Spanish Armada?
"Key Question 7 - Why did the Puritans become an increasing threat during
Elizabeth’s reign?"