R.E. Key Stage 3

Welcome to the humanities department; at Stretford High, we deliver a combined Humanities programme consisting of Geography, History and Religious studies. Our aim is to inspire a curiosity and fascination about the world in which we live.

Students have two forty-five minute lessons each week as part of their Humanities curriculum. Links between the three subjects are identified and embraced in the amalgamated humanities programme of study. All programmes meet the requirements of the national curriculum.

Year 7

Year 7 Curriculum Overview Topic Unit content
Term 1 Who is God? Natures of God, Creation, Miracles, monothiesm vs polythiesm, Religious experience, Humanism
Can places hold their significance years on? Sacred ground, Mahabodhi Temple, the journey of Hajj, the significance of Lourdes, Jerusalem as a centre of faith or conflict
Term 2 Heroes of today and yesterday Guru Nanak, Khalsa, sewa and langar, Prophet Muhammad, Khadijah and Aisha, Dalai Lama, Christian women and Moses
Term 3 What is reality? What does it mean to be a person is spiritual? How do Christians express beliefs and devotion through visual art? What can we learn from their expressions of Islam? What is the point of a Sand Mandala, a Buddhist art form?


Year 8

Year 8 Curriculum Overview Topic Unit content
Term 1 Can there be peace without conflict? Forgiveness, justice, just war theory, Greater and lesser jihad, Pacifism, WMD’s
Was Jesus a radical? Jesus’ life, incarnation, man or God, Jewish messiah, miracles and Jesus’ death
Term 2 What is really out there? Near death experiences, the afterlife, religion vs atheism, resurrection, reincarnation, rebirth, mind, body and soul
Term 3 The impact of Religion in the 21st century Morality, Humanist values, absence of God and it’s effect on a person’s life, Evangelism, Charity


Year 9

Year 9 Curriculum Overview Topic Unit content
Term 1 Big questions Original sin, homosexuality, Human rights (UN), stewardship and it’s role in religion
Medical ethics Abortion, genetic engineering, euthanasia, organ transplantation, animal rights, drug abuse
Term 2 What does it mean to be a Muslim in Britain today? Being Muslim in Britain, media representation of Muslims, believing, belonging and behaving in Islam, Rumi and women’s rights
Term 3 How should we treat criminals? Changing face of punishment, rehabiliation vs deterrent, corporal punishment, capital punishment