R.E. Key Stage 4

Year 10

Year 10 curriculum overviewTopicUnit content
PR1Islamic Beliefs.

Islamic practices.
Nature of God, Prophets, holy books, evil and suffering, risalah and authorities, 6 articles of faith, Shia Islam.

Five pillars of ISlam, 10 obligatory acts of Shia Islam, Salah, Zakah, Sawm, Hajj, Shahadah, EId and Ashura.
PR2Christianity Beliefs.

Christianity Practices.
Nature of God, creation and the afterlife, Salvation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, atonement.

Liturgical & non-liturgical worship, Sacaraments, eucharist, the role of the church, evangelism and reconciliation.


Year 11

Year 11 curriculum overviewTopicUnit content
PR1Relationships and Families.

Religion and Life.
Sex, marriage, divorce, nature of familes and their purpose in society, gender equality.

Abortion euthanasia, origins of life, value of the universe, stewardship.
PR2Peace and Conflict.

Crime and Punishment.
Violence, WMD's, holy war vs pacifism in Christianity, nuclear weapons and victims of war.

Death penalty, forgiveness, treatment of criminals, ethical arguments of the death penalty, reformation.