R.E. Key Stage 4

Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum Overview Topic Unit content
Term 1 Islamic Beliefs Nature of God, Prophets, holy books, evil and suffering, risalah and authorities, 6 articles of faith, Shia Islam
Islamic practices Five pillars of ISlam, 10 obligatory acts of Shia Islam, Salah, Zakah, Sawm, Hajj, Shahadah, Eid and Ashura
Term 2 Christianity Beliefs Nature of God, creation and the afterlife, Salvation, crucifixion, resurrection, ascension, atonement
Term 3 Christianity Practices Liturgical & non-liturgical worship, Sacraments, eucharist, the role of the church, evangelism and reconciliation


Year 11

Year 11 Curriculum Overview Topic Unit content
Term 1 Relationships and Families Sex, marriage, divorce, nature of familes and their purpose in society, gender equality
Religion and Life Abortion euthanasia, origins of life, value of the universe, stewardship
Term 2 Peace and Conflict Violence, WMD’s, holy war vs pacifism in Christianity, nuclear weapons and victims of war
Term 3 Crime and Punishment Death penalty, forgiveness, treatment of criminals, ethical arguments of the death penalty, reformation