Welcome to the Modern Foreign Language Department
The Department of Modern Languages offers students the opportunity to study either French, Spanish or Urdu as an enjoyable experience and worthwhile challenge.

As well as studying a language, pupils will gain a more international outlook by learning about the people and cultures of other countries.

Language training also develops many useful skills, such as the ability to communicate clearly, being confident speaking in public, and using problem-solving strategies.

Meet the Modern Foreign Language Department
The department team consists of seven members of staff. These are:

Mrs Jade NesfieldHead of Department
Mrs E BoltonAssistant Head Teacher
Mrs D Avison Deputy Head of Languages
Miss L Pulido-CasasTeacher of MFL
Dr MahmoodTeacher of MFL
Mr C WebbTeacher of MFL
Mr Z MiyaTeaching Assistant

Modern Foreign Languages overview:
At Stretford High we provide opportunities for pupils to achieve their full potential in language learning using stories, film, authentic materials and games. We focus on the four skills for language learning – writing, reading, listening and speaking.

Our aim is to enable all students to:

  • Express themselves clearly in speaking and writing
  • Understand key details in longer texts and translate shorter sentences and paragraphs
  • Understand and respond to questions in the spoken language
  • Identify key details in the spoken language
  • Write clearly and in detail on topics we are studying in school

In order to facilitate this, we expect students to have a full set of equipment (pen, pencil, ruler, and eraser) for every lesson.


Useful Links

The AQA Languages specifications can be found here –