MFL Key Stage 3 French

Year 7ModuleContent
Module 1 - My LifeGreetings and alphabet
Days, numbers, months, age
Introducing yourself and family (siblings)
Classroom objects
Likes and dislikes (hobbies)
Personality (+ gender of an adjective)
Module 2 - SchoolTime
School subjects + opinions
School facilities
ER verbs in present tense
Term 2Module 3 - Free TimeWeather & seasons
Frequency phrases
Activities on the phone/computer
Module 4 - FamilyAnimals
Family members
Rooms in the house
Personality adjectives
Physical descriptions
Term 3Module 5 - TownPlaces in a town
Monuments in Paris
Aller (to go) in the present tense
Near future tense
Year 8ModuleContent
Term 1Module 1 - HolidaysPast holidays (location)
Past activities
Opinions (positive and negative)
Modes of transport
Positive and negative structures
Module 2 - CelebrationsFrench celebrations
Likes and dislikes
Present tense with ER verbs
Present tense with “on” (we)
French delicacies
Term 2Module 3 - LeisureGenres of films
TV programmes
Opinions and reasons
Book genres
Online activities
Frequency phrases
Module 4 - Daily RoutineChores
Daily routine
Activities in your area
Term 3Module 5 - Healthy LivingSports
Healthy lifestyle
Infinitive structures
Using three tenses together
Body parts and aches
Year 9ModuleContent
Term 1Module 1 - My WorldLikes & dislikes
Extracurricular activities
Physical & personality descriptions
Birthday celebrations
Clothes & colours
Weekend plans
Module 2 - Future PlansWays of earning money
Jobs & professions
Future activities
Negative structures
Business opportunities
Term 2Module 3 - MusicMusical instruments
Comparing preferences
Concert activities
Expressive activities
International music experiences
Module 4 - The PlanetFood & drink
The partitive article
Eating habits
Conditional activities
Protecting the environment
Term 3Module 5 - The Francophone WorldVisiting different countries
BAGS adjectives
Infinitive structures
Third-person verbs