MFL Key Stage 3 Spanish

KS3 students (year 7, 8 and 9) follow schemes of learning based around the English National Curriculum framework. Activities that promote key literacy skills have been built into the schemes. Year 7 are initially taught in form groups and are then set after the first half term based on their KS2 levels and their understanding of work in this initial period.

Reading, writing, speaking and listening are covered each term. Students are taught in sets and the level of work covered will depend on prior attainment.

Year 7 Curriculum OverviewThemesUnit content
Term 1All About MeName
Numbers 1-31
Age and birthday
Term 1Hispanic countriesCountries
Flags (shapes and colours)
Term 2Hispanic countriesGeographical features.
Key facts about Hispanic countries.
Term 2Body, illnesses and freetimeFace parts
Hair and eyes colour
Body parts
Body pains and aches
Activities (present tense)
Activities and pains (or weather)
Future activities
Term 3Film “Perez” Watch film
Physical description (hair and eyes)
Family members
Future tense
Year 8 Curriculum OverviewThemesUnit content
Term 1Film “Carlito y el Campo de sueños”Watch film
Physical description (size, height, hair and eyes)
Present tense and hobbies
Past tense and hobbies
Term 1Food and festivalsTypical Hispanic festivals
Food and drinks items
Opinions and justifications
Term 2Food and festivalsFuture tense (New Year’s resolutions)
Shopping (quantities)
Term 2La VueltaWhat is “La Vuelta”?
Sports and leisure
Opinions and reasons
Present /past/future tenses with sports activities
Healthy eating
Sports and health
Term 3HolidaysPlaces
Activities (past/present and future) with opinions and reasons.
Year 9 Curriculum OverviewThemesUnit content
Term 1School and jobsUniform description and opinions
School facilities
School rules
School subjects
Using past, present and future tense
Description and opinions of teachers
Jobs and places of work
Conditional tense
Opinions and reasons
Term 1Film review (Film “Les Choristes” OR “Innocent Voices”)- Watch film
Future tense (different film endings)
Film description and review
Conditional (film recommendation)
Term 2Film review (Film “Les Choristes” OR “Innocent Voices”)Genres of films and opinions (3 tenses)
Term 2Sports bibliographySports and health
Sports and past/present/future
Healthy living
Term 3Home and townPlaces in town and locations
Describing your town
Activities and opinions (using “Se puede”)
Types of accommodations and rooms in house.
House activities (past/present and future)