PE Key Stage 4

Key Stage 4 – Core PE

For the students who do not select PE as an examination subject we tailor PE to them. We offer 3 routes throughout the year and offer 2 opportunities to change their route if students feel like they are ready for a new challenge.

Individual Sports/Health and Fitness

This path may be suited to the more introverted students who may not want to be part of a competitive atmosphere. The best form of competition can sometimes be with yourself and often students choose this route to ensure they are challenging themselves while improving their own health and fitness. This route will entail the use of the multi-gym, circuit training, interval training, badminton and table-tennis.

General Sports

Students often pick this path as they have a general appreciation of PE and like to experience a wide variety of sports. Students will take part in competitive games while learning rules and strategies. This route will often be led by the group and the sports they enjoy the most, so actual lessons can range from football, basketball, netball to cricket, softball or even some of the obscure sports that have been experienced in KS3.


This group focus on strict competition in lessons. They need to know there will be a winner or a loser and they want to give everything they have for this lesson every week! Similar to general sports, this route will often be led by the group and their passion but this group is for the student who likes to push themselves to their limits while trying to outwit their opponents.



Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum Overview
TopicUnit content
Term 1Physical TrainingThe relationship between health and fitness
Components of fitness
Reasons for and limitations of fitness testing
Fitness tests
Principles of training
Types of training
Calculating intensities
Prevention of injury
High altitude training
Seasonal aspects
Warming up and cooling down
Term 2
Sports PsychologyDefinition of Skill and Ability
Classification of skills
Types of goals
SMART targets
Personality Types
Term 3Anatomy and PhysiologyBones
Structure and functions of the Skeleton
Muscles, joints and joint movements
Contraction types
Gaseous exchange
blood vessels and the cardiac cycle
Structure of the heart
Mechanics of breathing and spirometer traces
Anaerobic and aerobic exercise
EPOC and recovery
Immediate, short and long term effects of exercise


Year 1

Year 11 Curriculum OverviewUnitUnit content
Term 1Movement Analysis

Health, Fitness and Wellbeing
Lever systems
Mechanical advantage
Planes and axes of movement
Physical activity and wellbeing
The consequences of a sedentary lifestyle
Energy use
Term 2

Socio-cultural InfluencesEngagement patterns
Sponsorship and the media (positives and negatives)
Technology in sport (positives and negatives)
Conduct of performers
Performance enhancing drugs
Restricted drugs
Spectator behaviour
Strategies to combat hooliganism
Term 3Exams