Drama Key Stage 3

In Drama during Key-Stage 3 (years 7-9) students will learn technical performance skills, explore a range of creative processes while also developing their reflective practice.

Through both the medium of devised and scripted drama, students are given the opportunity to examine characters, understand plot and experiment with a variety of dramatic strategies. They will develop their confidence, collaborative skills and directing talents while working individually, in pairs or larger groups.

Throughout the creative process, students will evaluate and reflect on their own work and the work of their peers as well as examining professional performances. This will allow students to progress as creators and performers ready to continue into GCSE Drama.

Year 7

Year 7 Curriculum Overview Themes Choice of Activities Teacher will select for a Block
Term 1 What does it mean to be British/Mancunian? Investigation of good and bad features of British history. Formation of opinions regarding how you feel about being British. Understanding of what it means to be British.
Term 2 Healthy body Investigation into healthy diet, sugar, salt, fat, diabetes. The importance of exercise.
Term 3 Healthy mind Investigation into mindfulness and wellbeing. How do you look after your mental health?


Year 8

Year 8 Curriculum Overview Themes Unit content
Term 1 Real Love Rocks Investigation into consent, grooming CSE and staying safe on social media.
Term 2 Healthy relationships Investigation into what makes a good relationship and what makes a bad relationship (controlling relationships).
Term 3 Politics Investigation into Parliamentary Democracy. How does Politics work in the U? What do the different political parties believe in and stand for. Who is the most powerful person in the world?


Year 9

Year 9 Curriculum Overview Themes Unit content
Term 1 Modern Slavery Investigation into what slavery is and how it works in the modern world (using Apple Computers and the Qatar World Cup as a case study)
Term 2 Globalism Investigation into how the economy works around the world and how it is all connected together.
Term 3 Financial Education Investigation into what Finance means to individuals throughout their lives. We look at Tax, National Insurance, Banking, Loans and Credit Cards.