Drama Key Stage 4

GCSE Drama is now split into 3 components that will be completed of the two year course, allowing students to access a wide variety of different dramatic forms and to develop a broad range of skills.

Component 1, (Devising) is an exciting and challenging opportunity for students to work collaboratively with others to explore a range of stimuli in order to create an original performance piece.

Component 2, (Performance from Text) deals with developing knowledge, understanding and skills in exploring and performing from a performance text.

Component 3, (Theatre Makers in Practice) students will study the work of playwrights and will look and the theatrical choices that are made for a live performance in order to communicate ideas to an audience.

Year 10

Year 10 Curriculum OverviewStimulusUnit content
Term 1‘The Identification’ – Poetry as a stimulus Devising and portfolio completion
Term 2‘DNA’ – Play text as a stimulusTheatre Makers in Practice
Term 3‘The Holocaust’ – Variety of stimuliDevising and portfolio completion


Year 11

Year 11 Curriculum OverviewStimulusUnit content
Term 1Play text as stimulus (TBC)Performance to external examiner
Term 2Revision of Theatre Makers in Practice Written Exam
Term 3Theatre Makers in PracticeWritten Exam