Science Key Stage 3

KS3 students follow schemes of learning based around the Science National Curriculum framework. Activities that promote key scientific and literacy skills have been built into the schemes. The AQA KS3 syllabus has been followed to ensure that students are ready for the demands of GCSE Science.

Students in Y7 are taught in mixed ability groups to help develop their scientific enquiry skills.

Year 9

Year 9 is a transition year in science, the curriculum is designed to bridge the gap between KS3 and KS4. During the year we complete the fundamentals of Science. In Biology we look at cells and infection & response. In Chemistry we look at the structure of the atom and the periodic table. In Physics we cover energy and how the atom has developed. We also work to develop students Science skills – we are developing the Scientists of the future.


Year 9 stretches students understanding of KS3 and develops a deep understanding of the key concepts required for GCSE. Our year 9 curriculum is fully enriched with STEM projects, Careers visits, trips and other extracurricular activities.