Science Key Stage 4

In KS4 most students follow the AQA Trilogy combined Science programme of study. This is the equivalent of 2 GCSE’s.

Some students choose to study triple Science as an option and will follow the AQA Biology, AQA Chemistry and AQA Physics programmes of study. This will result in 3 Science GCSE’s.

PaperTopics tested
Biology 1B1: Cell biology
B2: Organisation
B3: Infection and response
B4: Bioenergetics
Chemistry 1C1: Atomic structure & the periodic table
C2: Bonding / structure & the properties of matter
C3: quantitative chemistry
C4: chemical changes
C5: energy changes
Physics 1P1: Energy
P2: Electricity
P3: Particle model of matter
P4: Atomic structure
Biology 2B5: Homeostasis & response
B6: inheritance, variation & evolution
B7: Ecology
Chemistry 2C6: The rate and extent of chemical change
C7: Organic chemistry
C8: Chemical analysis
C9: Chemistry of the atmosphere
C10: Using resources
Physics 2P5: Forces
P6: Waves
P7: Magnetism & electromagnetism

Triple only – P8: Space physics


Combined Science Grading