Every little helps…

On Friday 24th November 2017 some Student Council members took their time out to raise some money for the Key 103 Mission Christmas, Cash for Kids charity.

It was an eventful day as we saw many happy faces willing to give money for such a wonderful charity. We are very lucky to have people around us who love us and we are very blessed to have items many unfortunately do not have. However, we have the chance to do good things and allow innocent people to have a happier life because us as a community do give. This has clearly been shown on Friday, as we raised a massive £422.26! We completely smashed our target which was £200. This means many more happy faces can appear this Christmas because imagine how many gifts can be provided with the amount we have raised. It is little things like this that can create the massive positive impact we are looking for to better our world.

Remember we are all different individuals but ultimately we are all equal to each other. No one is better than anyone in this world which clearly shows we should be there for one another. Imagine this, if someone was hurt you would go and help them immediately won’t you? Well there are people starving, cold and in constant pain but how much do we really help those people?

On the day Mr Freedman was ready and happily asking everyone to constantly do jobs. Happy Student Council members bag packed for as many people as they could. Happy faces appeared on the customers, check out staff and Student Council member’s faces. Key 103 appeared to be quite popular among all of the customers because whenever someone would see the buckets or ask about which charity we are raising for they would always smile as they heard our answer.

Even though some Student Council members started at 4 and finished at 7.30pm time flew right as backpacking was actually quite fun and eventful! Many teachers came along to show their support which motivated the Student Council members. Many thanks to all of the teachers who came to show their support. Special thanks must go to Safa Afzal, Ammar Bhana, Oliwia Felinske, Bilal Hussain, Neelam Kaur, Eleeza Saeed ,Kiran Singh, Hamza Qadus, Yusuf Salloo, Muneebah, Mohammed, Gina Kaur, Kaizer Clarke, Arthur Carlin, Rujnee Singh, Ariha Saleem, Mavish Razza, Matylda Banaszewska, Catrin Parry, Aland Jasim, Parminder Kaur, Amaan Patel, Aliya Machat, Zaid Ebrahim, Krishan  Singh, Yaseen  Ahmed, Katy Challenor, Rabiah Hafeez, Janithi Bodhimunige Silva for taking their time out to raise so much for the Key 103 Mission Christmas,  Cash for Kids Charity!